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Yet another windows-based genealogy program. Nice interface, easy to use.
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Yet another windows-based genealogy program. Nice interface, easy to use.
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Contents of the READ.ME file


In order to implement some of the new features of PARENTS, the
database format had to be changed. Some of the changes that made the data
conversion necessary were the additions of the SURNAME field to the
Individual Worksheet and the ability to store date and place data for
multiple marriages. As a result of these changes, the 2.x or earlier data
files are not directly compatible with PARENTS 3.0.
The first time that you start PARENTS 3.0, the software will detect
that the datafiles are from an earlier version and present you with the
option to convert the data files or exit the software. Before making the
conversion, you should make a backup copy of all of the .DB and .IDX files.
The conversion process will also make a backup copy of the original 2.x
files under another name.
Once the conversion has been completed, it is up to you to make some
slight modifications to the data that the data conversion process was unable
to make. These modifications include splitting the name field into Surname
and Name and verifying the correct marriage dates and places. Since PARENTS
cannot accurately split the name into Surname and Name, it is up to the you
to make this change. The software is also unable to correctly assign the
marriage data since one of the enhancements was to allow for multiple
marriage data instead of a single date and place.


PARENTS is not public domain, nor is it free software. You are
granted a limited license to use this product on a trial basis. You are
also granted a license to copy PARENTS, along with the documentation, for
the trial use by other users. PARENTS has not been intentionally crippled
or limited in its functionality in any way. If you wish to continue using
the product, you must send $25 to:

P.O. Box 393
Orem, UT. 84059 USA

If you would like an original disk or an update to the latest release of the
software, please add $5 for shipping and handling.
We encourage you to copy PARENTS and share it with anyone who might
be interested in tracking down their roots and learning where they came from.

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