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Periodic table of the elements in EGA.
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Periodic table of the elements in EGA.
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Contents of the PERIODIC.DOC file


This is a simple reference program to access several different
properties of the first 107 chemical elements. When you first run the
program the periodic table will appear showing element symbols in the
middle of each box, atomic mass above the symbol, and atomic number
below. For further information, use the cursor keys to select a given
element and press enter. You will then see a window providing the follow-
ing information:

Name of element
Electron Configuration
Most common oxidation states
Melting point/boiling point on Celcius scale
Atomic radius in angstroms

Any key will make the window disappear and "Q" will quit. The
program was written in MicroSoft's QuickBASIC and requires that the
runtime library BRUN30.EXE be available. An EGA is also needed to run
this program.
If you should have any problems or notice any errors in values,
you can contact me on PAINFRAME or write me at the address below. Any
contributions, especially suggestions for improvement, would be greatly

Michael Gavaghan
2457 Vineyard Lane
Crofton, MD 21114


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