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Great game for kids - pick letters on keyboard.
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Great game for kids – pick letters on keyboard.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BRUN30.EXE 70680 50744 deflated
L1.EXE 12688 5263 deflated
L2.EXE 12800 5317 deflated
L3.EXE 60320 10548 deflated
L4.EXE 45872 8913 deflated
L5.EXE 5824 2947 deflated
L6.EXE 53536 10866 deflated
LUNCHBOX.DOC 11523 3117 deflated
LUNCHBOX.EXE 21424 4750 deflated
READ.ME 1051 494 deflated
REGISTER.DOC 1234 356 deflated
USERLIB.EXE 7570 765 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file


The first in a shareware series of education games for children
ages 3 to 7 -- pre-readers, that is.

To begin, type the word "LUNCHBOX" and press the Enter key.

This disk contains:

READ.ME The file you are reading
REGISTER.DOC A registration form
LUNCHBOX.DOC A documentation file describing the LUNCHBOX modules
LUNCHBOX.EXE The Lunchbox main menu
L1.EXE Game "A" in Brandon's Lunchbox
L2.EXE Game "B" in Brandon's Lunchbox
L3.EXE Game "C" in Brandon's Lunchbox
L4.EXE Game "D" in Brandon's Lunchbox
L5.EXE Game "E" in Brandon's Lunchbox
L6.EXE Game "F" in Brandon's Lunchbox
BRUN30.EXE Required -- QuickBasic runtime module
USERLIB.EXE Required -- QuickBasic Interrupt module

To print the documentation file, prepare your printer and enter
"COPY LUNCHBOX.DOC" at the DOS prompt.

Additional Lunchbox packages available from:

Joey Robichaux
P. O. Box 91016-199
Baton Rouge, La. 70821

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