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SAT Test practice [in BASIC].
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SAT Test practice [in BASIC].
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ANALOG.BAS 5065 2141 deflated
ANALOG2.BAS 1408 660 deflated
ANALOG3.BAS 4182 1918 deflated
ANALOG4.BAS 2138 1157 deflated
ANALOG5.BAS 1792 907 deflated
ANALOG6.BAS 2237 1206 deflated
ANTONYM.BAS 4482 2046 deflated
ANTONYM2.BAS 2560 1230 deflated
GO.BAT 176 115 deflated
GO.TXT 958 357 deflated
IQBUILD.BAS 5248 1323 deflated
NUM2.BAS 4354 1833 deflated
NUM3.BAS 1280 527 deflated
NUMBERS.BAS 4736 1692 deflated
SYNONYM.BAS 4558 2114 deflated
SYNONYM2.BAS 2304 1085 deflated

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Contents of the GO.TXT file


This program requires BASICA (or GWBASIC) to run.

If you have a one- or two-floppy drive system, put the disk that contains
your version of BASICA in drive A:. If you have a two-drive system, put
this disk in drive B:. Type:

B:\ press at the DOS prompt
A:BASICA IQBUILD press at the DOS prompt

One-drive users can type the same commands, switching disks as required.

If you have a hard drive, change directories until the current directory is
the one that has BASICA in it. Put this disk in A: drive and type:

A:\ press at the DOS prompt
C:BASICA IQBUILD press at the DOS prompt

If you have GWBASIC, just type GWBASIC in place of BASICA in the commands.


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