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Excellent medical diagnostic tutor. By UpJohn, very interesting.
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Excellent medical diagnostic tutor. By UpJohn, very interesting.
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Contents of the README file

MIcrobiology Computer-Assisted Learning

Each diskette contains a separate MICAL patient simulation case. The programs
will run on any IBM-PC with at least 256K.

To run a patient case, follow these steps:

1. Load DOS 2.O or higher.
2. Insert the MICAL diskette in drive A.
3. Type A: and press RETURN or <.
4. At A>, type MICAL and press RETURN or <.

Once you begin, MICAL will provide all further instructions.

If you have an IBM PC/XT or IBM PC/AT you can store all of the MICAL cases
on the hard disk drive. This requires a special installation procedure.

Follow these steps to install MICAL cases on a hard disk drive:

1. Turn the computer on and boot the operating system.

2. Insert the diskette labelled Case of Alan B. into drive A.

3. Type A:MASTERIN and press .

4. When the program prompts you, remove the diskette labelled Case of
Alan B. from drive A and replace it with the diskette labelled Case
of Barbara L.

5. Type A:CASEIN and press

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 with each of the remaining case diskettes until
all eight cases have been installed on the hard disk.

To check the installation, type MICAL from the root directory (C:\). Then
select the first case from the MICAL Waiting Room. From the case title page
type E for exit to return to the Waiting Room; and select the nextg case.
Repeat this simple test for each case. If installation of a case failed,
insert the diskette on which the case is recorded into drive A and type
A:CASEIN and press .

The installation is now complete. To use MICAL, the student should type
MICAL from the root directory (C:\).

If your hard-disk drive is not labelled C:, you must modify the installation
procedure. Three files will need to be modified. These files are
MASTERIN.BAT, CASEIN.BAT, and MICAL. The revised versions should be
copied onto each MICAL diskette.

A logical way to approach the modification is to substitute the name of
the hard disk drive for C: throughout each of these files. You will need
to use an editor or word processing program to accomplish this. For example,
the following represents the three files modified to install MICAL on drive D.
Remember, that after the files are modified, they must be copied onto each
MICAL diskette.

Modified Version of MASTERIN.BAT

CD D:\
REM Remove the MICAL diskette from drive A.
REM Replace it with another MICAL case diskette.
REM Then type A:CASEIN and press Return.
CD D:\

Modified Version of CASEIN.BAT

REM Remove the MICAL diskette from drive A.
REM Replace it with another MICAL case diskette.
REM Then type A:CASEIN and press Return.
REM Repeat this with each of the case diskettes.
REM When all the cases have been installed,
REM type MICAL from the root directory or from
REM the MICAL subdirectory to begin.

Modified Version of MICAL

CD D:\

If you have difficulty modifying the installation routine, please contact:

Andrew Gardner
653 St. Francis Blvd.
Daly City, CA 94O15

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