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Morse Code Trainer for WIN 3.1.
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Morse Code Trainer for WIN 3.1.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BWCC.DLL 130064 41048 deflated
CONTROL.TXT 492 296 deflated
MINSTALL.EXE 23296 10394 deflated
MORSE.EXE 87552 29115 deflated
MORSE.HLP 57026 22805 deflated
MORSE.WRI 4864 2174 deflated
MORSEBTN.DLL 70912 11085 deflated
MORSEFON.FON 15616 2886 deflated
README.TXT 955 470 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

NuMorse runs under Microsoft Windows.

Here are some examples of how NuMORSE can be installed.

a) To install NuMorse from drive A: insert the install disk and then

b) To install from directory C:\MYDIR type WIN C:\MYDIR\MINSTALL.

c) In File manager get to the directory containing MINSTALL.EXE and
double click on the MINSTALL program item.

When installation is complete double click on the MORSE.WRI icon in the Morse
program group for further information about this program.

Here is a list of the files that MINSTALL expects to find on the install
disk in its directory:

MORSE.EXE The executable program
BWCC.DLL Library
README.TXT This file
MORSE.WRI An information file, readable by Windows Write.
MINSTALL.EXE The installation program
MORSE.HLP Help file
CONTROL.TXT Installation control file.

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