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Simple, yet effective vector calculator. Great for students.
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Simple, yet effective vector calculator. Great for students.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Vector Calculator Version 1.0 September 9, 1989

As I participated in my University Physics class, I found
that most of the time, as I did problems involving vectors, the
incorrect solutions I got were usually not from a misuse of
concepts, but from punching in the wrong numbers on my
calculator. The repetitive calculations were a great source of
error, not to mention a time waster!
After doing a cursory check in computer magazines and
checking bulletin boards, I discovered no available programs to
do simple vector algebra.
Taking C compiler in hand, I set out to write a program to
do straight forward vector algebra with little fuss or fluff.
Vector Calculator 1.0 is the result.
The program accepts commands through the function keys,
immediately calculating all values upon receiving vector

Program Commands:

F1 = Vector 1 components.
Press the F1 key to enter the X and Y components of Vector
1. The computer will blank the current entry in the X component
field and place the cursor in the field. Type the X component
value. Press enter when you finish. The cursor will then be
moved to the blanked Y component field. Type the desired value
in, terminating with the enter key. After entering the
components, the magnitude and angle in degrees and radians for
the new vector will be calculated and updated to the screen. The
sum, dot product and cross product will also be calculated and

F2 = Vector 1 Magnitude.
Press the F2 key to enter Vector 1 by magnitude and angle in
degrees or radians. The cursor will first move to the magnitude
field. Enter the value. Then the cursor will move to either the
degree or radian field depending upon the degree/radian toggle
setting (see F9). After entering the angle, the vector
components will be calculated and updated along with all other
calculated values.

F3 = Vector 2 components.
Press the F3 key to enter the components of Vector 2 as
described above in F1.

F4 = Vector 2 magnitude.
Press the F4 key to enter the magnitude and angle of Vector
2 as shown above in F2.

F5 = Swap sum to 2.
Press the F5 key to cause the values currently displayed as


the Sum to be entered as Vector 2. This function is very useful
when finding the sum or products of more than two vectors. For
example: When finding the sum of vectors A, B and C, first enter
A as Vector 1, then enter B as Vector 2. The Sum now shown is
the vector sum of A and B. Press F5. The sum of A and B is now
entered as Vector 2. Enter C as Vector 1. Now the Sum shows the
vector sum of A and B (as Vector 2) and C.

F8 = Clear all.
Press the F8 key to clear all current values to zero.

F9 = Toggle to radians/degrees.
Press the F9 key to toggle the degree/radian input setting.
When entering vectors by magnitude and angle, the angle measure
can be in either degrees or radians. This toggle will allow you
to choose which unit will be entered when using commands F2 or
F4. When the program first starts, the command on screen will
read "Toggle to radians." This means that the program currently
will accept angle measures in DEGREES. If you wish to enter
angles in radians, press F9. After pressing F9 the display will
read "Toggle to degrees" and will accept angles in RADIANS. You
need not enter all vectors in only degrees or radians, as you can
toggle the setting without effecting the current calculations.
For example, if you must sum two vectors, A and B, given by
magnitude and angle. The angle for A is in degrees and B is in
radians. Press F2 and enter the magnitude of A and the degree
angle of A. Press F9 to toggle to radians. Press F4 to enter
the magnitude of B and the radian angle of B. You now have your
sum in radians or degrees.

F10 = EXIT
Press the F10 key to exit from the program to DOS.

This program is not what I would call "polished" or
finished. I already have many ideas for improvement and
additional functionality.
If you find this program useful or have any suggestions,
criticisms, or comments (even praise maybe) please contact me by
mail. My address is:

Alan D. Dayley
949 S. Longmore #146
Mesa, AZ 85202

If I receive enough good ideas the new version will come
sooner, as I allot my spare time to the most productive or
requested tasks.

(To print this file type "COPY READ.ME PRN" at the DOS prompt.)


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