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Ordinary Differential Equation Tutor - from the Univ. of Arizona Math Department.
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Ordinary Differential Equation Tutor – from the Univ. of Arizona Math Department.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CREDITS.DOC 1470 578 deflated
DIF001.CDD 10315 3000 deflated
DIF001.HLP 3936 673 deflated
DIF001.LST 373 262 deflated
GETKEY.COM 39 39 stored
HISTORY.DOC 210 125 deflated
INF001.CDD 11552 2949 deflated
INF001.HLP 4423 1132 deflated
INF001.LST 348 243 deflated
INSTROD.DOC 7223 2666 deflated
INT001.CDD 12326 2588 deflated
INT001.HLP 3878 760 deflated
INT001.LST 347 242 deflated
LOG001.CDD 8988 2210 deflated
LOG001.HLP 1844 492 deflated
LOG001.LST 292 194 deflated
Q001.CDD 7789 4910 deflated
Q002.CDD 7495 4860 deflated
Q003.CDD 7963 5082 deflated
Q004.CDD 7532 4760 deflated
Q005.CDD 7520 4796 deflated
Q006.CDD 7517 4801 deflated
Q007.CDD 7390 4716 deflated
README.DOC 3678 1346 deflated
README.EXE 30944 8679 deflated
RUNME.BAT 290 187 deflated
RURODE.EXE 27107 14970 deflated

Download File RURODE.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.DOC file

This is versions 1.O2 of


It consists of the following files:

README.DOC This document.
README.EXE Used to read README.DOC directly.
RURODE.EX The "R U Ready for ODEs ?" main program.
RUNME.BAT Used to run RURODE (optional).
GETKEY.COM Used by RUNME.BAT to accept input to a batch file.
INSTROD.DOC Instructions for RURODE (can be read from RURODE).
CREDITS.DOC Acknowledgments of help from various people.
HISTORY.DOC Version revision history.
LOG001.CDD Natural log and exponentials review questions (enciphered).
LOG001.HLP Natural log and exponentials Help file.
LOG001.LST Advice to someone doing poorly in LOG001 review.
DIF001.CDD Differentiation review questions (enciphered).
DIF001.HLP Differentiation Help file.
DIF001.LST Advice to someone dooing poorly in DIF001 review.
INT001.CDD Integration review questions (enciphered).
INT001.HLP Integration Help file.
INT001.LST Advice to someone doing poorly in INT001 review.
INF001.CDD Infinite series review questions (enciphered).
INF001.HLP Infinite series Help file.
INF001.LST Advice to someone doing poorly in INF001 review.
Q001.CDD Quotations (enciphered).
Q002.CDD Quotations (enciphered).
Q003.CDD Quotations (enciphered).
Q004.CDD Quotations (enciphered).
Q005.CDD Quotations (enciphered).
Q006.CDD Quotations (enciphered).
Q007.CDD Quotations (enciphered).

If any one of these files is missing, the program will not function correctly.
Furthermore, they should all be in the same directory.

To start, make sure you are logged into the same directory as these files.



and then select I, to read the instructions.

An alternative way to start is to enter


and then respond to the questions.

This program may be freely distributed by any means, including bulletin
boards, provided that there is no fee or charge or consideration of any
kind involved which is in excess of $8. However, I retain all the rights
to this program.

By kind permission of Gene Lowry, the latest version of this program, and
others in this series, will always be available from the bulletin board
BIGFOOT II, at (602)-886-7943, which is located in Tucson, AZ. The latest
version can also be obtained by sending a formatted disk in a stamped, self-
addressed disk mailer to me at the address below. There is no charge.

I know this program runs on the following machines:

Artisoft Compaq IBM PC IBM XT
IBM AT Paradox Tandon PCX20 Zenith 151
Zenith 158 Zenith 181

If the program runs on your MS-DOS machine, and it is not listed above,
please let me know, so I can add it to this list. Thanks.

David Lovelock,
Department of Mathematics,
University of Arizona,
Tucson, AZ 85721

Tel (602)-621-6855 (my office)
Tel (602)-621-6893 (departmental office)

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