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Conversion for varied measurements.
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Conversion for varied measurements.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
HELP.BAT 11 11 stored
READ.COM 4066 3034 deflated
READ.ME 778 436 deflated
ULICENSE 1197 304 deflated
UNITS 8903 3693 deflated
UNITS.EXE 103382 48748 deflated
USETUP.EXE 71413 35632 deflated
USETUP.INF 290 136 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

U N I T S Measurement Conversion Utility

UNITSARC.EXE is a "self-extracting archive" copy of the files which
make up UNITS, an expert system to convert between different units
of measurement.

The files are:
UNITS.EXE -- the UNITS program
UNITS. -- information on the use of UNITS
USETUP.EXE -- to install the screen colors used by UNITS
USETUP.INF -- version-specific data for USETUP
READ.COM -- a handy Borland International utility to read UNITS.
ULICENSE -- a registration form for UNITS
HELP.BAT -- which simply calls READ to read UNITS.

To extract all of these files (total size: 189,262 bytes), simply

To direct the extracted files to another disk drive (say, B:), enter

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