Dec 122017
Claculator (rpn) gose up to the 300 and sonthin power.
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Claculator (rpn) gose up to the 300 and sonthin power.
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CALC.COM 23951 14982 deflated
CALC87.COM 23064 14048 deflated
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Contents of the READ.ME file

CALC87.COM if you have an 8087 math coprocessor installed
CALC.COM if you do not
RPNCALC is an emulation of an RPN type calculator. Suitable for scientific
work in either form although CALC87.COM is recommended for accuracy.
This is release 0.2 so don't expect all the bells and whistles or all of the
answers to be correct. GRADS does not work correctly. ACOSECH is also wrong.
Some radian to degree conversions are also in error.
But the basic stuff is correct.
RPN is worth mastering as it is less prone to mistakes than algebraic.
There are two processes:
Number enter number function
and Number function
Two physical constants have been omitted from CALC.COM due to lack of precision
of the compiler.
Pre-error checking is only done for divide by zero but it may show up where you
do not expect it due to the equations used. No pre-checking is done for
overflow or underflow conditions, so expect the program to crash at times.

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