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"The Bear & the Bee" animated children's story for Windows.

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The Bear and the BEE
Animated chliderens Book
for use with Windows
3.1 or greater.

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“The Bear & the Bee” animated children’s story for Windows.
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BEAR_BEE.HLP 238942 201127 deflated
BEAR_BEE.ICO 766 215 deflated
BEAR_BEE.TXT 924 495 deflated
BEAR_BEE.WRI 3328 1551 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 88 85 deflated

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Contents of the BEAR_BEE.TXT file

Bear_bee.txt . . . about "The Bear and the Bee."

A children's book.
This is a shareware product from LeftJustified Publiks(TM).
The Bear and the Bee requires Microsoft Windows
version 3.1 or later to operate.

Bear_bee.hlp - Product
Bear_bee.ico - Windows Icon
Bear_bee.txt - This file
Bear_bee.wri - Windows 'Write' file with
installation information.

This package may be distributed without limit as long as
its contents are not altered. Sale of this package as a
product is prohibited by Copyright. Distributors may ask
only compensation for the cost of duplication and media.

The Bear and the Bee is a fourteen panel illustrated story
about a Bee who seeks the hand of a bear in marriage. It
is recommended for children under the age of nine. Panels
are interactive: touching objects in each picture causes
the name of the object to pop up.

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