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SCHOOL-MOM is an excellent educational tool for children ages 4 to 14. Its main options are Music, Art, Spelling, English and Math.
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SCHOOL-MOM is an excellent educational tool for children ages 4 to 14. Its main options are Music, Art, Spelling, English and Math.
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ADJECT1.DAT 326 160 deflated
ADVERB1.DAT 219 113 deflated
GO.BAT 16 16 stored
NOUN1.DAT 480 198 deflated
NUMBERS.DAT 4076 688 deflated
READ.ME 8139 3323 deflated
REGISTER.DAT 24 24 stored
SENTENCE.DAT 2050 712 deflated
SM.EXE 156251 60961 deflated
SPELL_1.DAT 915 535 deflated
SPELL_2.DAT 2420 1255 deflated
SPELL_3.DAT 3505 1874 deflated
SPELL_4.DAT 4680 2354 deflated
SUB_VERB.DAT 2287 687 deflated
TUNE1.DAT 465 82 deflated
VERB1.DAT 324 130 deflated
VERB2.DAT 305 135 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

SCHOOL-MOM is an educational tool for children ages 4 to 14. Its
main options are Music, Art, Spelling, English and Math. There is
also an additional Registration Form option to assist you with
registering your copy of the software. Also, a hidden File Change
Menu exists for parents and teachers. This menu can be used to
make additions and changes to the data files.

This software uses a back to basics approach to teaching and also
has some other interesting aspects that make it very enjoyable.
For example, if the sound option is on, it rewards all correct
answers with a randomly chosen tune. Also, the program is filled
with bright, randomly chosen colors.

The Music Composition option has three learning levels and uses
graphics screens showing musical scales. When keys are pushed,
the corresponding notes are displayed on the scales. Seven octaves
are available (only octave 3 notes and the first three notes of
octave 4 will be visible on the screen) and editing is permitted
using the BACK-SPACE key. After the tune is composed, it can be
played back by pressing the ENTER key. In Level 2 you also have
the capability of changing the note duration. In Level 3 you have
the additional capability of using sharp and flat notes.

The Art option has five suboptions which are Draw, Spider Webs,
Space Tunnels, Space Worms, and Space Ribbons. The Draw suboption
works with either a mouse or a joystick. The other Art suboptions
can be used with a joystick or the arrow keys on the keyboard.
If you use the arrow keys, the joystick will become disabled until
you erase the art. These options were primarily designed for
relaxation and enjoyment - an indispensable part of learning.
They can be used to produce beautiful screen art!

The Spelling option has two parts. The first part, the Random
Words part, has four levels of difficulty and large library
files are included. The spell library currently contains several
hundred words for each learning level. Larger ones are being
created and will be available in later versions. For the second
part, Homework Exercises (or HW Exercises), you may input up to
9 of your own words. These words may be any length up to 16
characters. This option was designed to allow students to input
their homework spelling exercises. When using this option, the
student will only be quizzed on the words he/she inputs. In either
option the student is shown the word for several seconds then the
word disappears. The student is then asked to spell it.

The English option currently has three levels of difficulty. The
first teaches the student about nouns, verbs, adjectives, and
adverbs. The student is asked to choose one of each from a list
and the computer then makes two or three sentences using the
words. The resulting sentences can be very amusing. The second
level teaches the student about the basic parts of a sentence.
After the instruction, a sentence is given and the student is
asked to choose which basic sentence pattern is being used. Level 3
teaches subject-verb agreement by showing sentences with missing
words then asking the student to choose the correct missing word.

All the Math options, except Laser Blast, have four levels of
difficulty. The first levels in both Addition and Subtraction,
and Multiplication and Division use a unique method for illustrating
concepts. Stars are used to demonstrate quantity and the student
can find the correct answer by counting stars that do not blink.
The last two levels demonstrate addition, subtraction, multiplication,
and division of multiple digit numbers with or without decimals.
The algebra option teaches basic algebra, step by step.

Laser Blast is an exciting game that teaches the concept of quantity.
A number of blocks are shown then colored numbers float across the
screen. The object is to shoot the correct number (the one that equals
the number of blocks shown) with a laser. When the correct number is
hit, it explodes with sound effects. Points are given for hits. The
faster you play the higher the points per hit.

When you are ready to register your copy of SCHOOL-MOM you should use
the Registration Form Option to print a registration letter. This
letter will contain the name and registration number of the person
who gave you a copy of the software. When I receive your registration
I'll send that person a $4.00 distribution fee. Next, I'll send you
the hardcopy manual, your registration number and instructions for
storing your name and registration number in your copy of SCHOOL-MOM.
You may then give that copy to as many people as you like. When they
register their copy your name will appear on their registration letter
and you will receive a $4.00 distribution fee for each of them. This
offer holds for individuals, Schools, and Shareware Dealers. The
only catch is that you must be a registered owner of SCHOOL-MOM.

The File Change Menu was designed for teachers and parents. It is
accessed from the Main Menu by pressing the ALT key then pressing

the "m" key before releasing the ALT key. The File Change Menu
should be used for adding to or editing the spell, noun, verb, adverb,
adjective, and sentence files. Never reveal this menu to your
students! They could destroy or corrupt (literally) these files
if they are allowed to enter this menu.

The minimum hardware requirements for this program are 256K of RAM and
CGA graphics. The minimum software requirement is DOS 2.0 or higher.
I regret that the program no longer runs on 128K RAM but the program
has just grown too large and breaking it down into several small programs
is too messy.

To run the program simply place the disk in the drive, type "go", then
press enter. When you see the main options window, use the up and down
arrow keys or press the key corresponding to the first letter of the
option you desire to highlight your desired option. Then press the enter
key to accept the option. A suboption or level window will become visible
next. You must then choose a suboption or level from this window using
the same technique as before. If you get into trouble just accept "END"
or press the "ESC" key.

If you want to turn the sound off just use the left arrow key to highlight
OFF. To turn it back on use the right arrow key to highlight ON. You can
change the sound on/off setting at anytime you are able to see the sound
on/off indicator.

I suggest that you keep a safe backup copy of all the files on this
disk. If the work copy of the data files gets damaged, you can
reproduce it using the backup.

I think you'll like this software. As it grows, I believe it will
become the most complete piece of educational software available.
If you find the program useful please contribute to its development
by sending the $19.00 registration fee. Your registration will cover
all version of SCHOOL-MOM, past and future. When you register I'll
send you a hardcopy manual. I'll also put you on the update notification
list. Please send your registration and/or your questions and comments

Dr. Andy Motes
1632 Brooks St.
Fayetteville, AR. 72701

Additional Note:
I believe the strength and prosperity of this country has always
relied on the level of our education and character of our people.
Now, the education level in the U.S. is actually decreasing rather
than increasing. Illiteracy is becoming common and knowledge of
science and technology is becoming rare. In most U.S. Universities
the foreign students majoring in science and technology now outnumber
the American students. By putting this software on the shareware
market I hope to do my part to help educate our youth. Please
help me! If you find this program useful please register your copy.
I can't continue to update and support this program without your

Dr. Andrew Motes
Parent, Educator, Scientist

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