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CPR review/test for BCLS.
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CPR review/test for BCLS.
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Contents of the BCLS.DOC file

BCLS.DOC The G.A.S. Connection

A program to provide drill/testing in preparation for the
written Basic Cardiac Life Support Test (BCLS).

This program is released to the public doamin. You may do
anything you like with it except sell it in any way.

There are a total of 100 questions related to the BCLS test
given by the American Red Cross. To exit the program at any
time press escape.

Attempts to remove the copyright notice from the program
May render the program inoperable.

Study the screen displays for useful information. I hope
you find this program of some help when preparing to take
the BCLS written test.

Written By : William L. Mabee, CRNA
Last revised : 17 Mar 89 (St. Patricks Day)

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