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NASA Press Kit for space shuttle mission STS-55. Payload is Spacelab D-2. Launch will be in March, 1993.
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NASA Press Kit for space shuttle mission STS-55. Payload is Spacelab D-2. Launch will be in March, 1993.
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STS-55 STATUS 3/08/93

Daily News
Monday, March 8, 1993

Managers and engineers will continue to asses the launch schedule impact
attributable to inspections of the hydraulic flex hoses and clean-up and
inspection of the aft engine compartment and number two main engine. An
assessment of a new schedule will be made available early this week.


Ed Campion
Headquarters, Washington, D.C. Feb. 26, 1993

George Diller
Kennedy Space Center, Fla.

KSC Release No. 16 - 93

NASA managers today set March 14, 1993 as the launch date
for Shuttle Mission STS-55 which will see Space Shuttle Columbia
and her seven-member crew fly a mission dedicated to the German
Space Agency.

The major payload for STS-55, the pressurized spacelab
module - designated as Spacelab-D2 for this flight - will allow
the astronauts to conduct a wide range of experiments in the
microgravity environment of space. Some 90 experiments are
planned during the mission.

The launch announcement follows the removal, inspection and
replacement of the high pressure oxidizer turbopumps on
Columbia's three main engines. The pump changeout came after a
search of processing paperwork could not conclusively determine
that the pumps were equipped with a newer version of turbine tip
seal retainers. The seals minimize the flow of gas around the
tips of the turbine blades to enhance pump performance and the
retainers hold the seals in place.

The launch window on March 14 extends from 10 a.m. until
12:30 p.m. EST. Following launch, Columbia's crew will be
divided into two teams, each working a 12-hour shift, so that
science operations can be carried out around the clock. The
Spacelab-D2 mission duration is planned for 9 days and will con-
clude with a landing at Kennedy Space Center's Shuttle Landing
Facility. This date was chosen primarily because it was the
first open date on the Eastern Range during this time frame.
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