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FBI 10 most wanted list - bios & mugshots (HERC or CGA).
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FBI 10 most wanted list – bios & mugshots (HERC or CGA).
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
01.BIO 3426 1672 deflated
01.RLE 5845 2466 deflated
02.BIO 2196 1156 deflated
02.RLE 8319 3150 deflated
03.BIO 2439 1318 deflated
03.RLE 9147 3579 deflated
04.BIO 3477 1667 deflated
04.RLE 6901 2576 deflated
05.BIO 2647 1251 deflated
05.RLE 7857 3173 deflated
06.BIO 2385 1250 deflated
06.RLE 8648 3177 deflated
07.BIO 2425 1187 deflated
07.RLE 7933 3322 deflated
08.BIO 3212 1508 deflated
08.RLE 7081 2851 deflated
09.BIO 3410 1721 deflated
09.RLE 8279 3006 deflated
10.BIO 3410 1721 deflated
10.RLE 8879 2765 deflated
11.BIO 2981 1423 deflated
11.RLE 8139 3250 deflated
12.BIO 3096 1401 deflated
12.RLE 10955 3916 deflated
4X6.FON 285 270 deflated
ERROR.MSG 569 297 deflated
HRLE.COM 36310 20784 deflated
HRLE.DOC 3228 1421 deflated
HRLE.PAS 9182 3120 deflated
PAGE.COM 325 293 deflated
README.!!! 1364 719 deflated
RLE.COM 13440 6490 deflated
RLECGA.COM 7808 5092 deflated
RUNCGA.BAT 400 241 deflated
SHOW.BAT 95 81 deflated

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Contents of the HRLE.DOC file

Program HRLE, version 2.0

By Ivar Sanders, Compuserve # 72306,14

Given to the public domain on August 21, 1986


This program allows the display of run-length encoded images on IBM PC
(or compatible) computers utilizing Hercules (or compatible) displays.

Instructions for running the program are obtained by typing
HRLE with no additional command line parameters.

The program HRLE.COM, the RLE image file and files ERROR.MSG and 4X6.FON
should be in the same directory.


Updated to fix version 1.0 graphics problems


After the frustration of searching for and finding no programs which would
display RLE images on an IBM PC with Hercules display (actually a
Leading Edge Model D in my case), I gave in and wrote a program myself.
I hope there as others out there who find it useful and fun, as I have.

The program is written in Turbo Pascal using the Turbo Graphix Toolbox.

Run the program by typing, for example: HRLE EXAMPLE.PIC 80

this will display the RLE file EXAMPLE.PIC with an X scale factor of 80.


which will display the file WEATHER.RLE with an X scale factor of 100.

There is a one-to-one relationship between RLE Y coordinates and Hercules
pixels vertically. The default X scale factor of 100 utilizes two Hercules
pixels for each RLE X location. The scale factor can be varied from
20 to 140 by entering the scale on the command line after the RLE file name,
thereby offering great variety in displayed aspect ratio. This
is where the Graphix Toolbox really helps. Try various scale factors,
you'll like it! Realize, however, that scaling errors may cause some
pixels to be lost if scale factors other that the default 100 are used.

The program also allows screen images to be printed on an Epson printer.
Please note, this is for Epson printers only, since Epson-specific control
codes are sent to control printing. Several Epson graphics modes are
supported, as follows:

1: 960 points per line
2: 960 points per line
3: 1920 points per line
4: 640 points per line
6: 720 points per line

The screen is dumped to the printer by pressing the number key corresponding
to the desired Epson mode (after the display is completely generated on
the screen, of course). Holding the shift key down while pressing the number
key causes the printer to invert white and black. Check your printer
manual to see which modes it supports. Mode 6 (720 points per line) works
particularly well, if your printer supports it, because it exactly matches
the Hercules horizontal resolution of 720 pixels. Allow a bit of time for
printing though, since it is a bit slow.

Thanks to Wes Meier (76703,747), whose program decodes RLE images
for the "normal" IBM display. This Hercules program is based in large part
on his program.

Please let me know if you find bugs or write enhanced versions of my program.

Ivar Sanders (72306,14)

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