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Generate world wide maps with variable levels of detail.
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Generate world wide maps with variable levels of detail.
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Contents of the REGISTER.DOC file

VERSAMAP Version 1.10
Registration and Comments

Registration fee - $15

Make checks payable to Charles Culberson. Please make payment
in U.S. currency. Persons living outside the United States can
register VERSAMAP by obtaining a Postal Money Order payable in
U.S. dollars from their National Post Office. Send registration
or comments to:

Charles Culberson
8 Ritter Lane
Newark, DE 19711

------------------------- Registration -------------------------


Your Name:______________________________________________________





Please circle the floppy disk size that you would like the
VERSAMAP files supplied on:

5.25" 360K 5.25" 1.2M 3.5" 720K

--------------------------- Comments ---------------------------


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