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NBS/DES+ file encryption/decryption menu driven easy to use.
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NBS/DES+ file encryption/decryption menu driven easy to use.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
MSG.DAT 19652 5772 deflated
MSG.ENC 19656 14460 deflated
PRIVATE.DOC 111147 23467 deflated
PRIVATE.EXE 30336 12092 deflated
READ.ME 1668 824 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

The following files are contained on this diskette:

1. Private.Exe - The executable Private Line program.
2. Private.Doc - Documentation for Private.Exe.
3. Msg.Dat - A sample file for encryption.
4. Msg.enc - The sample file encrypted.

The Private Line (tm) is a full implementation of the Data
Encryption Standard, published by the National Bureau of Standards,
U.S. Department of Commerce. This command line and/or menu-driven
program works on IBM PC/XT/AT, PS/2 and compatibles with MS-DOS 2.0 or
later. It will encrypt any MS-DOS file, including LOTUS 1-2-3, dBase
II/III, WordStar, etc. Single and double encryption is provided,
along with program options to convert a file from binary format to
printable ASCII for use over CompuServe or EasyLink and other bulletin
boards. Files may be deleted or purged. Only 64K is required.
Pathnames are fully supported. An option is included to demonstrate
compliance with the 171 tests required by the NBS. Compliance is also
checked during program initialization. This program is shareware and
requires a $30 registration fee for continued use after evaluation.

Private.Doc - A full 40-pages of clear, easy to follow
instructions on the use of The Private Line. A table of contents
is provided, in addition to a bibliography.

Msg.Dat - This is a sample file which contains information about
The Private Line. It also contains the 171 tests required by the
National Bureau of Standards to insure complaince with the Data
Encryption Standard.

Msg.Enc - This is the same file encrypted with the key,

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