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Active filter design program.
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Active filter design program.
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FILDES.BAS 7199 2532 deflated
FILDES.EXE 31744 19751 deflated
FILPLT.BAS 10189 3604 deflated
FILPLT1.EXE 40704 23089 deflated
FILSYP.BAS 15146 4825 deflated
FILSYP1.EXE 55424 27801 deflated
FILTER.DIR 796 329 deflated
FILTERS.DOC 512 307 deflated
FILTRP.BAS 7323 2294 deflated
FILTRP1.EXE 37120 21132 deflated
IDATA 128 20 deflated
LPT 256 80 deflated
MF10RES.BAS 14585 4987 deflated
PLTDATA 128 23 deflated
PROTO 128 40 deflated
RESRAT.BAS 6016 2431 deflated
TRNP 256 79 deflated

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Contents of the FILTERS.DOC file

Filter Design Programs

The programs in this directory can be very useful when
designing an active filter. They were mainly developed
to aid in the design of filters using National's
MF5 and MF10 switched capacitor filters. National's
Switched-Capacitor Filter Handbook contains the program
listings and elaborates on the use of these programs.
If you have any questions or inputs regarding these
programs please contact National's Linear Applications
group at (408)721-5607.

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