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A program to help one learn chinese.
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A program to help one learn chinese.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CANAUX.EXE 48474 30029 deflated
CANTONES.EXE 65882 35363 deflated
CHINESE.EXE 92928 30579 deflated
CMPND.DAT 478 297 deflated
INDEX.DAT 420 345 deflated
LESSON.DAT 94 84 deflated
LESSONEW 1408 587 deflated
LESSONEX 1152 537 deflated
LESSONEY 2688 1079 deflated
LESSONEZ 1664 727 deflated
LOOK.COM 2371 1575 deflated
MERGETST.DOC 1024 517 deflated
PARA 128 46 deflated
RADICAL.DAT 2640 672 deflated
READ-ME.DOC 61312 18472 deflated
SCORE.SP 128 5 deflated
STROKES.DAT 1509 1444 deflated
TEXT.DAT 595 352 deflated

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Contents of the MERGETST.DOC file

.mt 0
.mb 0
.po 0
.. The three lines above specify formatting for the printing
.. The next line names the Lesson file to print
.. The next line names the variables in their order in the lesson file
.rv wordc,worde,p,measure,csent,esent
.. The next two lines command the first two lines of printing
.. The next line skips the line for MEASURE if not MEASURE appears
.ex &measure& => "A" goto
Measure: &measure&
.. The next line skips the lines for example sentences if they don't appear
.ex &csent& => "1" goto
. Note Thi fil require MailMerg an WordSta 3. o highe t work
.. Also note: The version here will print the accent marks to the
.. right, not over, the letters, unless you make an altered copy of
. th lesso t b printed usin WordStar' backspac an superscrip
.. commands. See READ-ME.DOC for the procedure.

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