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PC Learn v5.4 computer tutorial system.
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PC Learn v5.4 computer tutorial system.
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Contents of the README file

The PC-LEARN Computer Tutorial
Version 5.4 (c) 1990-1991
from Seattle Scientific Photography and Jim Hood
PO BOX 1506 Mercer Island, WA 98040 (206) 236-0470
EITHER one of these commands will start PC-LEARN


Once the program has started, the following commands are useful.
For color menu users: use reminder line at bottom of screen. F1
for help. F2 for menus, right/left arrows, up/down arrows select
tutorial subjects. Press enter to view tutorial. Mouse is
functional if your computer is mouse-equipped. Escape key takes
you back a step. If using black and white menu system (running
PC-LEARN on a floppy drive system), follow reminder line at
bottom of screen.

Submitting the requested registration fee to the author of PC-
LEARN brings two VALUABLE bonus disks by mail which every
computer user or beginner should obtain to learn about using a
computer to its full potential. The bonus disks are designed to
minimize computer frustration and add to the power of PC-LEARN.
Consult the REGISTRATION/BONUS DISK option from the main menu.

The PC-LEARN tutorial system teaches beginners how to use a
computer. It includes chapters on buying and using a computer,
a history of computers, DOS lessons, hard disk drives and
tech tips. It also includes information on word processing,
a suggested reading list, software selection, computer clubs,
batch files, spreadsheets, databases, and even a glossary! PC-
LEARN runs on all IBM compatible PC's. It features high speed
color or monochrome menus, tutorial printing on your printer,
information searching capabilities and much more.

If you or your company would like to design a special training
or production software program which looks and operates like PC-
LEARN (high speed menus, ease of use, search featues, printing,
etc.), but contains your unique company data or tutorials,
contact the author of this program. Your company names, address,
logo or other information can be added! PC-LEARN is a flexible,
adaptable training tool! Any subject (not just computers) can
be designed into your custom version.

A word about shareware and the TWO VALUABLE BONUS DISKS you can
order by mail! If you are new to computers you may not have
heard the term SHAREWARE. PC-LEARN is shareware. This means a
software programmer has prepared a software program which you
are free to copy and share with others, the author encourages
you to use and EVALUATE the program for up to 30 days subject to
your possible payment of a final registration fee to continue
full and legal use of the program. Submitting an honest
registration fee on an "honor system" means the author of PC-
LEARN will provide two additional valuable bonus disks plus
registration number which grants you the legal right to continue
using the program in an unrestricted manner.

If you received a copy of PC-LEARN with your new computer, you
are essentially EVALUATING this program subject to your final
purchase. You may print a registration form on your printer by
selecting the "print registration form" option from the main
menu. If you received this disk from a shareware distributor who
charged you $3 or $4 for a sample copy disk, you have only paid
a distribution/handling fee for an "evaluation" disk of which NO
PORTION goes to the author of the software. You are expected to
pay for the program if you continue to use it or discontinue
your use of the program if you do not pay for it.

Registered owners of PC-LEARN receive by mail:

1) Two BONUS DISKS every new computer owner should obtain. The
bonus disks are highly valuable extensions to the PC-LEARN
computer tutorial system and are shipped directly to you.

2) Latest version/update of PC-LEARN if later version available.

3) Registration number and authorization to continue using
the program in a full and unrestricted legal manner.

The author of PC-LEARN can create a CUSTOMIZED COVER SCREEN with
your store address and LOGO. Remember that since PC-LEARN will
be copied by many people, your advertisement will be copied with
it! PC-LEARN is thus both a tutorial and a marketing tool!
Customized logos and cover screens are also available for
computer clubs and are a wonderful way to boost membership and
make new members feel good about your club's "personalized" copy
of PC-LEARN. Computer stores stores can distribute PC-LEARN
automatically with every computer sold.

If you would like to reprint sections of PC-LEARN in your
newsletter, community newspaper, BBS or other printed resource,
please contact the author at the address and telephone number
above for special (very liberal) arrangements.

The sole owner of the PC-LEARN software package is Seattle
Scientific Photography and Jim Hood who assume no liability,
intended or otherwise, for the use or misuse of this package or
the information or software code contained within. No warrantees
are offered, either expressed or implied. Your rights in this
respect may vary from state to state.

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