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Physics tutorial, graphic oriented hypertext.
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Physics tutorial, graphic oriented hypertext.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ATOMS.DAT 2141 844 deflated
CARDS.SYN 789 367 deflated
CHART.CRD 36697 4568 deflated
CHART2.CRD 6174 1633 deflated
CHARTX.CRD 29510 3624 deflated
EXPLAIN.CRD 6726 1277 deflated
EXPLAIN3.CRD 6451 1220 deflated
GOD.IS 6649 2321 deflated
HGA.COM 37416 21906 deflated
MATRIX.COM 39704 23087 deflated
PHYSICS.COM 4817 2600 deflated
PHYSICS.CRD 637046 67647 deflated
PHYSICS.DOC 3545 1495 deflated
PHYSICS.EXE 122064 68240 deflated
PHYSICS.HLP 16551 6959 deflated
PHYSICS1.PCT 77126 3054 deflated
PHYSICS2.PCT 101766 4689 deflated
PLANETS.DAT 4649 1630 deflated
PROPERTY.CRD 160680 27629 deflated

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Contents of the PHYSICS.DOC file

This disk contains a hypertext, graphics-oriented, physics tutorial which
develops a unique "PHYSICS PROPERTY CHART" analogous to the chemical periodic
table. The relationships between the properties are clearly shown so that
relativisticly correct equations can be determined directly from the chart.
Property names are "BUTTONS" which provide physical and historical data on
the property selected.

Although this new physics paradigm challenges conventional physics, it
provides a simple, elegant, overview of conventional physics which can
be understood by those with little training or math.
PHYSICSX.ZIP is an archive which contains the following files:
CHART .CRD A file containing a chart of physics properties.
CHART2 .CRD A file containing a chart of atomic particles.
CHARTX .CRD A file containing a chart of physics properties.
EXPLAIN .CRD A file which explains the physics property chart.
EXPLAIN3.CRD A file which explains the physics property chart.
PHYSICS .CRD A tutorial on physics.
PROPERTY.CRD A file containing descriptions of physical properties.
CARDS .SYN A system configuration file.
PHYSICS .HLP A context sensitive help file.
PHYSICS1.PCT A graphic file.
PHYSICS2.PCT Another graphic file.
PHYSICS .EXE The main program.
PHYSICS .COM A driver loader.
HGC .COM A Hercules graphics driver.
MATRIX .COM An EGA graphics driver. ( Also works with VGA. )
Graphic drivers ( Other than CGA ) are available on special order.
ATOMS .DAT Ionization data. ( Text file )
PLANETS .DAT Planet data. ( Text file )
GOD .IS A scientific view of God. ( Text file )
To use the program.
1. You will need a program such as PKUNZIP.EXE to unarchive the files.
2. Unarchive PHYSICSX.ZIP to the desired directory.
The unarchived files require about 1.5 MEG of disk space.
3. Type PHYSICS to run the program.
4. MOUSE to the desired PROPERTY or FUNCTION and CLICK.
If you have no mouse:
TAB and CURSOR to the desired function and press RETURN.
Press ALT to enter the menu.
5. Select PREVIOUS LINKED CARD from the menu or press
to return to the main chart when running the tutorial program.
6. Press F1 for help at any time.
7. Don't rename or delete the files as they are linked togeather.
If you distroy a link, the program will crash.
8. To use the program with a HERCULES card, delete MATRIX.COM
This program is not free. It is shareware. If you use and benefit from the
program, you are expected to pay $20.00 per station.

Public and private organizations using this tutorial must pay $20.00 per
station. Site licenses are available. To obtain the registered program
which contains more files and an ATOMIC PARTICLE CHART similar to the
PHYSICAL PROPERTY CHART, mail $20.00 per station plus shipping costs to:

Tom Potter - 29305 Jefferson - St. Clair Shores, MI 48081-1366 - USA

If you have criticisms or suggestions please contact me.
Tom Potter (313) 293-1400 (voice) - (313) 293-5160 (FAX)
(Prodigy JWDH25A) (AOL thomasp551) (Internet [email protected])

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