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Calculate the phases and location of the moon.
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Calculate the phases and location of the moon.
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Contents of the MOONBEAM.DOC file


The program MOONBEAM determines the phase, position, and
illumination of the moon. It will also plot the moon on a screen
generated star chart using the Yale Observatory Bright Star
database. To accomplish this the data base needed to be packed to
fit on a single floppy along with the program, hence this disk
should have three files on it.

1). This file
3). star.rec

The plotting routine will not work if star.rec is not present in
the default drive. Also, the ploting routine requires the something
that looks like an IBM Color Graphics Card. If you have a graphics
printer, the star chart can be printed by issuing the MS/DOS
graphics command before running moonbeam. Then use the PRT SC command
when the star chart is on the crt. To start the program just type moonbeam.

May clear skies be with you!

Fred Mendenhall

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