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Short and elegant Morse Code utility.
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Short and elegant Morse Code utility.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

SEND is a powerful, yet compact, morse code utility for PC compatibles.

Every Ham that has a PC should have SEND as one of his external DOS commands.

For day to day use, SEND is better than menu driven programs like CODETUTOR,
because SEND can be invoked simply, takes up little room on a disk, and best
of all, SEND.COM is free!


*** SEND text from ASCII files. ***

*** SEND text from the keyboard. ***

*** SEND all standard English characters and prosigns ***

*** Adjust speed from 1-99 WPM; Adjust tone frequency from 21-21000 Hz ***

*** Use SEND in BATCH files. Your computer can greet you with a morse ID. ***

*** SEND text from DOS pipes; DIR|SEND sends your directory in morse code! ***


SEND fits in just over 3000 bytes, yet it delivers more performance than

programs 5 times as big. Send is easily used with your own custom program to
generate practice text.

Type SEND HELP for online documentation. Send is simple to use and is

First TYPE, then LIST, now SEND!!!

(c) 1987 C.T. Nadovich, KD3BJ, 407 N. Bellevue Ave., Wayne, PA 19087

SEND.COM (Release 1) (c) 1987 C.T. Nadovich, KD3BJ

SEND sends text in international morse code over the PC speaker. S is in WPM
and F is in Hz. Valid ranges are 1-99 WPM and 21-21000 Hz. Defaults are 15
WPM and 1000 Hz. If /TEXT appears, characters from "string" are sent,
otherwise characters come from standard input. Characters sent are copied to
standard output. Speeds and frequencies are approximate for a 1 MHz PC clock.
Character set and timing is from the 86 ARRL Handbook, with prosigns defined:
& = AS * = SK @ = AA \ = BT ! = EEEEEEEE # = AR % = SN

SEND (Accepts a line of text from keyboard)
SEND SEND NUL: (does not echo text)
DIR|SEND (copy a disk directory in CW)
SEND /TEXT="CQ DE KD3BJ" (use single or double quotes)

(c)1987 C.T. Nadovich, KD3BJ, 407 N. Bellevue Ave., Wayne, PA 19087
This program may be copied and transferred or executed by anyone without
limit. A source listing and calibration proceedure is available on paper or

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