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Creates, maintains, and randomly prints database of multiple choice questions.
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Creates, maintains, and randomly prints database of multiple choice questions.
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Copyright 1991, Bruce Warr
All rights reserved

Test Generator is a SHAREWARE program that creates and maintains a data
base of test questions and also generates tests with questions randomly
extracted from the data base.

To create a file of test questions, select the create option from the
main menu. You are then asked for a file name. Enter the filename you wish
to call the new file without any extention. You will then be asked to enter
the first question. Once you enter it, you will be prompted to enter upto
five answers. If have less than five answers, just press the Enter
(or Return) key when prompted for the remaining answers after you have
entered all answers. The last input you are prompted for is the correct
answer. To exit back to the main menu, just press Enter (or Return) at the
enter question prompt.

Once a file has been created you can add more questions, change
questions, or delete questions by selecting the appropriate option from the
main menu. Just enter the file name (without extention) when prompted. If
you just press Enter (or Return) you will be returned to the main menu. If
you can't remember the file name, just select the list files option.

The add question option starts with the next valid question number and
entering the new qeustions is the same as when you created the file. If you
select the change or delete option, you will be prompted for the question
number to change or delete. The question and all answers will then be

If you are in the delete option, you will then be asked to confirm that
you want to delete that question. Once you have entered all questions to be
deleted, just press Enter at the initial prompt to exit the option. At that
time, the file will be packed to actually delete the chosen questions. As a
precaution, the old file is retained as a .BAK file, so if you change your
mind about the deletions, you still have the original.

For the change option, you will be requested to enter the line number to
change and then will enter the new information for that line. Entering no
line number (i.e. just pressing Enter) will go back to the initial prompt.
Pressing Enter at the initial prompt will return you to the main menu. (This
feature is true for all options if you haven't already guessed by now!)

To generate a test, select that option from the main menu. You will be
prompted for the file name of the data file, and then propmted for the file
name for the test. You will then be told how many questions are in the file
and asked to enter the number of questions you want extracted. Entering the
total number in the file will cause all the questions to be output to the
test file in sequential order. This is nice for creating a hardcopy of all
the questions. If you enter a number that is less than the total, that many
questions will be randomly extracted from the data file. A listing of the
correct answers will follow the last question.

The test file is an ASCII text file and may be loaded into most word
processors or text editors to add more information (such as class name, test
number, special instructions, etc.).

Questions or comments (and, of course, the $10 registration fee) can be
sent to:

Bruce Warr
6010 Avenida Chamnez
La Jolla, CA 92037

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