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A calculator for differential equations.
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A calculator for differential equations.
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Byoung Keum
Dept. of Math.
Univ. of IL. Urbana

Differential Equations and Calculus V. 7.
============ ========= === ==============

This update fixes the bug in my formula interpretor (nested
'-' signs ), and contains a new program

1. There was a minor bug in my old parser: -x-y was interpreted
as -(x-y) (in view of the simplified recursion scheme).
It is cmpletely fixed now.

2. I recently developed a new parser (written in Microsoft
Quick C), which is so optimized as to be included in a
large loop.

3. Compare euler.exe (New parser written in C) with ODE option
in (old parser written in Pascal ).

Although their mathematical algorithms are similar,
you will be marveled at the speed of euler.exe.
( I tested it on IBM AT (640K, 8087, EGA), and found that
euler.exe performed about ten times faster. )

4. For this speed, euler.exe needs loots of memory (binary trees,
recursion). I only tested it with 640 K RAM. (Probably it will
work with less. )

====== ===========
All these require EGA.
CALC7.COM and DE7.COM require 8087 Math Coprocessor.

======== =======

I want to put this disk in shareware library.
For those who register ( $30.00 would be reasonable ), I will
provide a customized version for their need, and the source
code for new parser (extremely fast, but large memory) and
old parser (uses less memory). And, some documents will be

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