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A Space Flight simulation program, good graphics, and very accurate. Very educational, and fun to play with.
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A Space Flight simulation program, good graphics, and very accurate. Very educational, and fun to play with.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Space Flight Simulator,
Version 0.02


The Space Flight Simulator, version 0.02, allows users to
set a number of orbital parameters, then depicts the orbital
focus (typically the earth) or the ground track in real-
time simulation. The program should work with CGA (very
poorly), Hercules (tm), EGA, or VGA graphics.

Enhancements to this version:

Version 0.02 introduces (a) a range of user-selectable
parameters, including basic orbital parameters and
controls over the rate of the screen display; (b) ground-
track display as well as visual simulation; (c) real-time
control; and (d) small enhancements, bug fixes, etc.

Running the Program:

To run the program on computers with CGA, EGA, and VGA
graphics, simply type


followed by a carriage return. To run the program on a
computer with Hercules graphics, you must first run the
program "msherc." The following commands will run the
program with Hercules graphics:


The program will then allow you to set a number of parameters,
for any of which you can simply hit and use a

See the file "sfs.doc" for more extensive documentation.

Use of the program:

I'm releasing version 0.02 of the Space Flight Simulator
as "freeware," that is, it bears my copyright, but you
are welcome to copy it freely and use it as you please,
as long as you don't use it commercially and don't
remove the copyright notices from it.


Ted A. Campbell
Bywater Software
28 July 1989

Usenet:[email protected]

Mail:Ted A. Campbell
Bywater Software
Box 4023
Duke Station
Durham, NC 27706

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