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Animated, color guide to the stars in the Pleiades.
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Animated, color guide to the stars in the Pleiades.
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Contents of the PLEGUIDE.DOC file

PLEGUIDE.COM: a star tutorial based on the shape of the subject matter:
the Pleiades star cluster in Taurus. Run time (raw OFF) = 1:06 or (raw
ON) = 0:07. Original ANSI file: 91,120 bytes. Pauses add to length!
If you run "PLEGUIDE.COM" with raw OFF, exit any time: hit Ctrl-Break.
Not enough memory to run PLEGUIDE? Then recover, "type pleguide.ans" .

PLEGUIDE compression: Graeme McRae's SCRNCH.COM (1.02): time: 16:05.16.
To recover the original file: "pleguide > pleguide.ans" | Hit .

Liberties are taken with Greek letter names (ASCII symbols incomplete):
- alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon, z zeta, n eta, theta
- i iota, k kappa, lambda, mu, v nu, xi xi, o omicron, pi, p rho
- sigma, tau, u upsilon, phi, X chi, psi, omega ( Struve)

Steve Hoglund 890610
ftwre pttins 1414 Seventeenth Street NW Washington DC 20036

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