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Simulate view of earth's surface from satellite.
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Simulate view of earth’s surface from satellite.
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Contents of the GEOVIEW.DOC file


Simulates a view of the earth's surface from a satellite orbiting
the earth. This program uses data from the Micro World Data Bank
II (MWDB II). GeoView is a fairly simplistic translation of the
SAT.PAS program supplied on disk 5 of the MWDB II distribution

Starting GeoView
To run the program, make sure GEOVIEW.PNT is in the same directory
as GEOVIEW.EXE. Type GEOVIEW, then press return. You will be
prompted to enter satellite altitude, longitude, latitude and
detail level. Just press enter the first time to accept the
default view -- a view of the Chesapeake region from approximately
10,000 miles. Decrease the satellite altitude to zoom in on the

This sample point file, GEOVIEW.PNT, shows continents, countries,
islands, rivers and states at a maximum detail level of 4. You
will need the full MWDB II database (available from the BBS
mentioned above) to create higher detail point files. Use
SELECT.PAS program included with GEOVIEW (or the version provided
with MWDB II) to build these new point files from the original data

I am distributing this program without claims of suitability for
anything. If you can find a use for this program, you have
benefited. You agree to accept full responsibility for any loss
incurred by the use of this program.

I spent a few late hours converting the graphics library calls in
SAT.PAS to Turbo Pascal version 5.0 graphics function calls. I
made little or no effort to optimize for speed or efficiency. The
Turbo Pascal 5.0 graphics library supports Hercules, CGA, EGA, VGA
and others, so chances are GEOVIEW will work with your monitor.

I did this for fun, and I hope you may find some use for it.

Dave Peckham

p.s.You may leave mail for me regarding this program on Gary
Smith's Programmer's Corner, Columbia, MD. 301-596-1180

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