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PC Magazine Listings for Volume 10 Number 19.
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PC Magazine Listings for Volume 10 Number 19.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BIGCOPY.C 5117 1608 deflated
BIGCOPY.EXE 13218 8551 deflated
CAPSLK.COM 121 117 deflated
CAPSLK.SCR 667 283 deflated
CENTER1.WQ1 392 231 deflated
CENTER2.WQ1 2524 1063 deflated
CENTER3.WK1 2514 691 deflated
DATEPL.PRG 3342 1140 deflated
FPDATE.PRG 2662 947 deflated
NUMFILES.ASM 3628 1032 deflated
NUMFILES.COM 94 94 stored
PATCH.ASM 149647 22347 deflated
PATCH.COM 12874 7720 deflated
PATCH.DOC 1952 943 deflated
PATCH.ZIF 325 202 deflated
TALK.ASM 21443 4589 deflated
TALK.EXE 5242 573 deflated
UNIQUE.BAT 334 175 deflated
UNIQUE5.BAT 418 243 deflated
WINFSR.C 6953 2175 deflated
WINFSR.EXE 5408 2784 deflated

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Contents of the PATCH.DOC file


Michael Mefford November 12, 1991 (Utilities)

Purpose: Replaces the DEBUG scripts previously used to change hotkeys,
colors, and the like in PC Magazine utilities with a simple point-and-shoot
procedure that makes use of a customization information file that is supplied
with the utility.

Format: PATCH [ZIF directory [program directory]]

Remarks: Entered without the optional directory parameters, PATCH assumes
that both the customization information file (the .ZIF file) and the utility
itself are located in the current directory. If not, the directory names
containing these files (but not the filename of the utility to be customized)
should be entered as shown.

PATCH will then bring up a list showing customizable utilities on the
left and selectable customizing categories on the right of the screen. The
arrow keys are used to move between options, and the Enter key is used to make
selections. After making your selections, pressing Esc brings up Save Changes
and Make Backup Copy prompts. Repeatedly pressing Esc will back you out of
the utility.

Color selections are made from a bar display of 128 combinations.
Other modifiable options (only some of which are relevant for any given
utility) include choice of TSR hotkeys, text strings to be displayed, printer
ports and code strings, modem ports and dialing instructions, file sorting
criteria, and so on.

For future utilities (where appropriate), each author will put the
required data for all user-modifiable aspects of a utility, including the
necessary DEBUG-style addresses, into a standard-format, same-named ASCII file
that is identified by having a .ZIF extension. (For previous-published
utilities, .ZIF files will be made available as they are prepared). .ZIF files
will be downloadable from PC MagNet along with the utility.

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