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Part 1 of 2 of a shareware program Space Shuttle Orbit simulation.
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Part 1 of 2 of a shareware program Space Shuttle Orbit simulation.
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Contents of the README file


STSORBIT PLUS is new but its predecessor, STSORBIT, is more than two years
old and is being used throughout the US and Canada as well as Europe, the
Pacific, and Australia. Both are free and widely available. The current
version is always posted on my bulletin board system at (310) 541-7299; if
the BBS doesn't answer by the third ring hang up, wait TWO MINUTES, then
call back.

If you use and enjoy STSORBIT PLUS, I have a modest request that will
only cost you a stamp. Please send me a card or letter with the following
information. All information will be considered confidential.

STSORBIT PLUS Version: 9242 (October 1992)

Name: __________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________


Coordinates: Latitude: _____________ (degrees)

Longitude: _____________ (degrees)

Elevation: _____________ (meters or feet)

Computer type: __________________________________________

Display type: __________________________________________

Printer type: __________________________________________

Comments and/or suggestions and how you're using STSORBIT PLUS:





Comments, suggestions and bug reports are invited! Your responses to this
request will help me to make STSORBIT PLUS even better.

While I don't require registration of STSORBIT PLUS, I would appreciate
it! I have spent hundreds of hours on the program and the modest donation
will help inspire me to continue improving the program. As a bonus for
your registration, I will mail the current version on disk which includes
the Level 3 and Level 4 map databases. Registration is only US$10.00.
Please specify disk size; sorry, because of file sizes, the program and
map databases are ONLY available on higher density disks:

_____ 3-1/2" 1.44MB disk (supplied if no size marked)

_____ 3-1/2" 720K disk

_____ 5-1/4" 1.2MB disk

Most users will probably be satisfied with the Level 3 map database files
which are included with normal registration. However, for users who plan
on using higher zoom factors and wish substantially better map detail, two
sets of higher detail map database files are available: Level 1 (highest
detail) and Level 2 (next highest detail). The higher level map databases
will be automatically selected for higher zoom factors if present. Map
drawing times are longer with higher detail map database files!

These files may be obtained separately for a donation of US$10.00 each.

Please note that because of file sizes, ONLY high density disks are
available. Files are supplied in compressed, self-extracting .EXE format.

_____ Level 1 Map Database Files

EARTH1.MCX 11914 bytes unpacked
EARTH1.MCP 613800 " "
EARTH1.XYZ 920700 " "

_____ Level 2 Map Database Files

EARTH2.MCX 11914 bytes unpacked
EARTH2.MCP 373948 " "
EARTH2.XYZ 560922 " "

Please specify disk size desired:

_____ 3-1/2" 1.44MB disk (supplied if no size marked)

_____ 5-1/4" 1.2MB disk

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

David H. Ransom, Jr.
7130 Avenida Altisima
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90274 USA

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