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A pregnancy planning tool for woman. Helps determine when ovulation takes place. A unique use for computers.
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A pregnancy planning tool for woman. Helps determine when ovulation takes place. A unique use for computers.
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Contents of the CALCALC.DOC file


Anyone who wants to lose or maintain weight must simply
consume less calories than their body burns. The average woman
will maintain weight at about 2,000 calories a day. For the
average man it is about 2,500. If you eat about 500 calories a
day less that it takes to maintain, you will lose about a pound
a week (if you burn 3,500 more than you eat in a week, you will
lose 1 pound).

Counting calories is not the easiest thing for most people.
After counseling people for several years at a weight control
center, I found that if logging of food eaten and calories
contained was made easier, a person was usually more successful
in losing weight, or knowing the reason why not.

This program contains over 200 foods and their calorie
content per unit (each or per ounce). The first time you run
this program, I strongly suggest you print out the entire list
of foods and their calorie content. Use it as a shopping guide
and as an aid as a meal planner.

Once you start your diet, enter the foods that you have
eaten for a meal or for the entire day. The program will total
the calorie content of the total amount of each food eaten and
give you a total of each meal and a grand total for the day. If
you are unsure how to spell a food or how it is listed, use the
window "S" to search the food database for the one you want.

The food database "CALCALC.DTA" is a pure ASCII text file
and can be edited or foods added with any word processor in the
Non-Document mode. Just add the food (up to 19 characters), the
calorie content per unit, and the numeric calorie content per
unit. If you do not plan to edit the list, pay no attention to
this paragraph, otherwise, when you view the list, it will
become clear to you what to do.

Keeping track of every calorie you eat is an absolute way to
lose weight. Try to keep the total daily calorie total between
1200 and 1400. At this amount, you should lose between 1 and 3
pounds per week, depending on your beginning weight, activity
level, etc.

If you wish more information about this program or other
programs on dieting that I have written, feel free to write to

M.D. Smith
1000 Monte Sano Blvd.
Huntsville, AL 35801

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