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Excellent EGA children's game for learning arithmetic.
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Excellent EGA children’s game for learning arithmetic.
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Contents of the README.1ST file


Non-Registered Version
When running the Non-registered version of Sparky's Math Adventures please note
that you do NOT have the option to change between Addition, Subtraction,
Multiplication & Division (Only Addition is Available). Also the print certificate
option has been disabled. Please register this product to get the complete

Memory Limitations:

The VGA option requires that you have at least 550K RAM available on machines
that do not have an EMS driver installed. If EMS is available the program
will try to use EMS before consuming any conventional memory for graphic
images. EGA images requires much less memory to be made available and as
such will work perfectly well on systems with little RAM.

*If you wish to run the VGA option try unload any TST (Terminate & Stay
Resident) programs such as Sidekick, Prokey, Doskey, Print, Btrieve, etc.
Also try unloading any unnecessary device drivers located in your CONFIG.SYS
file. (ex: DEVICE=ANSI.SYS). To gain the most amount of conventional memory
try upgrading your EMS driver (if you have EMS) to QEMM 6.0, which can
recover even ROM addresses and map them into high memory, thus making it
possible for you to gain more conventional memory by allowing you to LOADHI
any device drivers.

Sparky's Voice

*If you have an OLD IBM PC, XT or equivalent you might experience some
garbling of the introductory voice message when starting the program.

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