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Vocabulary builder : grade 7 to adult.
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Vocabulary builder : grade 7 to adult.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
SKILWARE.EXE 140101 136686 deflated
START_ME.BAT 353 140 deflated
VOC.RPL 14995 5536 deflated
VOCREAD.ME 1000 632 deflated
VOC_01.TST 5037 1316 deflated
VOC_02.TST 5037 1296 deflated
VOC_03.TST 5037 1302 deflated
VOC_04.TST 5037 1263 deflated
VOC_18.TST 5037 903 deflated
VPI.CNF 150 88 deflated
VPI.MSG 6050 2271 deflated
VPI.SET 126 82 deflated
VPIAD.RPL 5689 1914 deflated
VPWINDOW.DOC 798 402 deflated

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Contents of the VPWINDOW.DOC file


All SKILLWARE products can be made accessible from WINDOWS

Generally, you install our product on your hard disk in a
UNIQUE (sub)directory using DOS. Thereafter, enter WINDOWS
so as to view both the FILE MANAGER and the window of your
choice. "Drag and drop" the START_ME.BAT file from the FILE
MANAGER to that window. A "MSDOS" icon will appear named

You may change the identity of the resulting MSDOS icon
(START_ME.BAT) to a more meaningful identification (i.e. TUFF
SPELL) using the "Properties" option of the FILE menu.


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