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First Season Encyclopedia
Second Edition
By Jim C. Lyon (72571,3002)

----STARDATE CHRONOLOGY--------------------------------------------------------
(Note: Concerning two numbers in parentheses, first is episode number as AIRED,
second is episode number as FILMED)

41153 : Encounter at Farpoint (1-2,1-2)
41209 : The Naked Now (3,3)
41235 : Code of Honor (4,4)
41240 : Datalore (13,14)
41249 : Lonely Among Us (7,7)
41255 : Justice (8,9)
41263 : Where No One Has Gone Before (6,6)
41294 : Haven (11,5)
41309 : Too Short a Season (16,12)
41365 : 11001001 (15,16)
41386 : The Last Outpost (5,8)
41416 : Coming of Age (19,19)
41463 : Home Soil (18,18)
41503 : Heart of Glory (20,20)
41509 : When the Bough Breaks (17,17)
41590 : Hide and Q (10,11)
41601 : Skin of Evil (23,22)
41636 : Angel One (14,15)
41697 : We'll Always Have Paris (24,24)
41723 : The Battle (9,10)
41775 : Conspiracy (25,25)
41798 : The Arsenal of Freedom (21,21)
41986 : The Neutral Zone (26,26)
41997 : The Big Goodbye (12,13)
None : Symbiosis (22,23)

The date given from Old Calendar reckoning in "The Neutral Zone" as the current
date is 2364 A.D.

----LOCATION GUIDE-------------------------------------------------------------

Aldea : Planet in the Epsilon Minos system whose people are dying because of
ozone depletion and subsequent radiation poisoning, symptoms due to a cloa-
king screen run by the computerized Custodian. Beverly found a cure for
the radiation sickness that made the Aldeans sterile. (When Bough Breaks)
Aldron Four : Enterprise's destination after leaving Relva. (Coming of Age)
Alcyone : Planet whose people destroyed the last of the plague-ridden Tarellian
refugees. (Haven)
Altair III : Riker didn't allow his former captain, DeSoto, to beam down to
this planet from USS Hood when Riker was Hood's exec. (Enc. at Farpoint)
Angel One : A matriarchal society where men are considered subordinate. Se-
veral survivors from the SS Odin came here and were considered fugitives
until the Enterprise convinced Elected One Beate to let them into exile
on an isolated island (Angel One)
Antica : A planet inhabited by the dog-like Anticans, at war with neighboring
Selay. In the Beta Renner system (Lonely Among Us)
Arloph Nine : The USS Charleston is delayed here, prompting Enterprise to bring
the three Earthlings home. (The Neutral Zone)
Armus IX : Where Riker wore feathers to impress the leaders. (Angel One)
Asphia : The planet where the SS Odin crashed; several of its crew, including
Captain Ramsey, escaped the destruction and made their way to Angel One
where they became fugitives (Angel One)
Aveda Three : A colony world that was stricken with disaster. Beverly lived
here, as did her grandmother, who was responsible for saving a lot of lives
with knowledge of native plants. (The Arsenal of Freedom)
Beltane Nine : After commandeering a shuttle, Jake Curland tells Picard he is
going to escape to here. (Coming of Age)
Beta Kassius System : Where the planet Haven is located. (Haven)
Beta Magellan System : Where the planet Bynus is located. (11001001)
Beta Renner System : Where the planets Antica and Selay are. (Lonely Among..)
Betazed : Home of an advanced race of humanoids with telepathic and empathic
abilities. A Federation Member World. Chief Counselor Deanna Troi is from
here, as well as Lwaxana Troi, her mother (her father was a Starfleet offi-
cer, a human.) (Haven)
Brecka : Fourth planet of the Delos system, its only product is phylicium, ori-
ginally a cure for a plague on neighboring Ornara but now only a narcotic
for those people. (Symbiosis)
Bynaus : Home planet of the Bynars, a race who live and work in pairs and exist
in conjunction with a massive organic computer. In the Beta Magellan sys-
tem (11001001)
Cerberus : Planet where the rejuvenation process used by Admiral Jameson was
developed. Long considered a myth, the process involves use of herbs and
drugs administered slowly; Jameson used them quickly. (Too Short a Season)
Coltair Four : A planet that feels the time distort. (We'll Always Have Paris)
Delos System : Home of planets Brecka and Ornara; its sun underwent a period of
magnetic field instability. (Symbiosis)
Delphi Ardu : The last remaining outpost world of the Tkon Empire, a political
body that existed thousands of years ago, now extinct (Last Outpost)
Delta-05 : Science station on border destroyed. (The Neutral Zone)
Deneb IV : Also known as Farpoint, this is the site of Farpoint Station, con-
structed by the planet's inhabitants, the Bandi. In actuality, the Bandi,
led by their leader, Groppler Zorn, captured an alien entity and forced
it to create Farpoint to appease the Federation. (Encounter at Farpoint)
Dytalix-B : Fifth of six planets in the Mira system mined by Dytalix Mining
Corporation. It is here that Picard meets investigators in the Starfleet
conspiracy. (Conspiracy)
Earth : Mother planet of humanity; most of the Enterprise's crew is from there.
A virtual paradise in the 24th century. The Enterprise visits here during
the Parasite encounter. (seen in Conspiracy; seen via holodeck in The Big
Goodbye, 11001001, We'll Always Have Paris)
Epsilon Minos System : Where Aldea is located. (When the Bough Breaks)
Gamma Tauri IV : The Ferengi stole a K-9 Converter from here (Last Outpost)
Gault : Farming planet where Worf was raised; he was found at Kidimar Outpost
and raised here by a human father with a step-brother. (Heart of Glory)
Hali : Supposedly a hellish environment filled with enemies to fight; Worf
suggests to K'Nera to exile Koras' party to here. (Heart of Glory)
Haven : A paradise planet in the Beta Kassius system, governed by First Elec-
torine Valeda Inis. A Tarellian plague ship was once approaching this
planet (Haven)
Idini Star Cluster : The Enterprise passes through here on the way to Mordan
IV. Here Picard offers Jameson the conn. (Too Short a Season)
Illicon : A planet that feels the time distort. (We'll Always Have Paris)
Isis III : The destination of the Enterprise after it departs Mordan IV (Too
Short a Season)
Jarada : A new Federation ally. Inhabited by insectoid people who greatly
respect protocol (The Big Goodbye)
Kabatris : Planet where Riker wore fancy robes to impress the native leaders.
(Angel One)
Kazus Binary System : Where the Earth capsule is discovered. (The Neutral Zone)
Kidimar : A Klingon Outpost where Worf was born. A Romulan attack devastated
the colony and Worf was found in the rubble by a human Starfleet officer,
and taken to Gault. (Heart of Glory)
Kling : The Klingon Home Planet. Also known as Klinzhai. (Heart of Glory)
Ligon II : A highly chivalristic planet with a strict code of honor inhabited
by black-skinned humanoids who possess the antidote to Anghalese Fever,
a disease that has stricken Styris Four. (Code of Honor)
Lorenze Cluster : A star group which includes the planet Minos. (The Arsenal of
Mars : Fourth planet of the Sol System; here at the Utopia Planecia shipyards
the USS Enterprise was constructed.
Maxia Zeta : System where the USS Stargazer fought a Ferengi ship, the first
such contact (although it wasn't realized at the time). The Stargazer
was lost here. (The Battle)
Micromius : Planet where some medical disaster happened. Dr. Crusher developed
something to prevent the same accident and presumably presented it to Dr.

Terence Epstein. (11001001)
Minos : A planet in the Lorenze Cluster, once the home of a humanoid species
who sold arms to both sides in the Urselrope Wars. They were destroyed by
one of their own weapons. (The Arsenal of Freedom)
Mira System : Location of the planet Dytalix-B. Six planets. (Conspiracy)
Mordan IV : A Federation world governed by Karnas. A diplomatic party was cap-
tured by Karnas there to lure Admiral Jameson into a return. (Too Short..)
M-Zed Five : An outpost the Battress was supposedly on course for before it was
damaged by Ferengi; actually, this was a lie. (Heart of Glory)
M-33 Galaxy: Located beyond Triangulum, it is 2.7 million light years away from
the Milky Way Galaxy, where the Federation is located. The Enterprise was
propelled here accidentally by the Traveler. (Where No One Has Gone Before)
Neutral Zone: That area of space between the Federation and the Romulan Empire.
The Federation has nine outposts here and several Starbases, all of which
were destroyed by unknown causes. The Romulan outposts were similarly des-
troyed. (Mentioned in Angel One, Heart of Glory; seen in The Neutral Zone)
Omicron Pascal : The Enterprise was detained here before its rendezvous at
Starbase 74. (11001001)
Omicron Theta Four : The planet where malcontents under Dr. Noonian Sung set-
tled. Data and Lore were created by the scientist here. (Datalore)
Opraline : Enterprise's destination upon leaving Ornara. (Symbiosis)
Ornara : Third planet of the Delos system, its population relies on phylicium,
a narcotic, to survive. The Ornarans supply the planet Brecka with every-
thing it needs to survive in return for phylicium. In essence, Ornara is
a complete society of drug addicts. (Symbiosis)
Pacifica : Ocean world that the Enterprise is en route to before the trip to
Dytalix and then to Earth. (Conspiracy)
Pagos Minor System : The Enterprise diverts through here, because Manheim's
distress signal is relayed here. (We'll Always Have Paris)
Parliament : A Federation world reminiscent of Babel, the Enterprise is en
route there when delayed by the cloud creature. (Lonely Among Us)
Pelius Five : The Enterprise's destination after its maintenance is completed
at Starbase 74. (11001001)
Persephone V : Location of Admiral Mark Jameson, the Enterprise picks him up
here for transport to Mordan IV. (Too Short a Season)
Pleiades Cluster: In the constellation Taurus, a group of seven stars. The En-
terprise was mapping there before diverting to Velara Three. (Home Soil)
Quadra Sigma Three : A mining world where a terrible accident occurred. The
Enterprise was called but delayed by Q. (Hide and Q)
Quazulu Eight : Where Wesley and classmates picked up the virus that infected
the Enterprise over Angel One. (Angel One)
Relva Seven: Site of a Federation Starbase, the Enterprise came here for Wes-
ley's entrance exam and Admiral Quinn's interrogation. (Coming of Age)
Rubicam Three : An idyllic planet, home of the primitive Edo and their mys-
terious "lord" (Justice)
Sarona Eight : The Enterprise is on course here for shore leave when it diverts
to Vandor Four. (We'll Always Have Paris)
Sector 30 : Located at the Neutral Zone, two outposts in this sector were des-
troyed. (The Neutral Zone)
Sector 31 : Located near the Neutral Zone, contact with two starbases here had
not been reestablished since Stardate 41903.2. (The Neutral Zone)
Selay : Planet inhabited by reptilian creatures who feed on living prey, at war
with the neighboring planet Antica. In the Beta Renner System (Lonely
Among Us)
Starbase G6 : The Enterprise dropped Deanna Troi off here for a shuttle trip
home. (Hide and Q)
Starbase 9 : Starbase in the Zendi Sabu area (called Zendi Starbase Nine), the
Stargazer is to be taken here. (The Battle)
Starbase 12 : Site of a two-day unexplained evacuation that was under investi-
gation by Walker Keel. (Conspiracy)
Starbase 14 : A subspace transmission from here informs the Enterprise of the
severity of the plague on Styris Four. (Code of Honor)
Starbase 39 : Enterprise may take the humans discovered on the satellite here.
(Called 39 "Ciere" by Geordi -- possible location) (The Neutral Zone)
Starbase 45 : Where Admiral Jameson's last medical exam was supposedly conduc-
ted. (Too Short a Season)
Starbase 74 : -see- Tarsus III (11001001)
Starbase 84 : The Enterprise departs for here after meeting the Klingon ship
Kartag. (Heart of Glory)
Starbase 103 : Geordi ordered Logan to set a course here with the saucer sec-
tion during the Minos incident. (The Arsenal of Freedom)
Starbase 718 : Picard attends a meeting about the destruction of Neutral Zone
outposts here. (The Neutral Zone)
Strnab : Location of a new Federation colony, near Rubicam (Justice)
Styris IV : A world infected with the deadly Anghalese Fever (Code of Honor)
Tarella: A biological war here created a virus that killed all but a few sur-
vivors, who made their way to the planet Haven (Haven)
Tarsus III : Location of Starbase 74, a massive Spacedock-class construction
in orbit. The Enterprise came here for maintenance and was stolen by the
Bynars. Quinteros, a designer of the ship, is a Base Commander (11001001)
Tau Alpha-C : Where Riker thought the Traveler was from (Where No One...)
Tau Ceti Three : Picard first met Walker Keel in a bar here. (Conspiracy)
Telaria : The Battress was from here. (Heart of Glory)
Terra-9 : Outpost on border destroyed. (The Neutral Zone)
Torona IV: Location on Jarada, probably a city, that Picard contacts to make
greetings. (The Big Goodbye)
Vandor Four : A planetoid in a binary system, comprised of a B-class giant and
a pulsar. It is here that Dr. Paul Manheim conducts his dangerous time
experimentation. (We'll Always Have Paris)
Veigra Two : Planet in the Zed Lapis sector, it is here the Armus existed, and
where it killed Tasha Yar. (Skin of Evil)
Velara Three : A planet undergoing terraformation by the Federation project
"Gardeners of Eden". It is home to a microscopic, inorganic, intelligent
life form which is called "microbrain". (Home Soil)
Vulcana Regar : Evidentally a Vulcan colony world, or the planet itself; T'Sha-
lik is from here. (Coming of Age)
Xaxxi Seven : Where the Atlantean Ninemyth civilization vanished (Bough Breaks)
Zaldan : Planet whose humanoid occupants have webbed hands and who look upon
common courtesy as an insult. (Coming of Age)
Zedak Four : A planet with vast oceans and good fishing; the young boy Harry
used to live there. (When the Bough Breaks)
Zed Lapis Sector : Area of space where Veigra Two is located. (Skin of Evil)
Zendi Sabu System : Where Enterprise encountered DaiMon Bok's ship (The Battle)

----STARSHIP DIRECTORY---------------------------------------------------------

USS Ajax : Another ship involved in Kosinski's experiments (Where No One...)
USS Berlin : Starship holding picket duty in the Romulan Neutral Zone. The
Enterprise must join her to defend against Romulan unrest (Angel One)
USS Charleston : Ship that was to rendezvous with Enterprise, it was bound for
Earth but was delayed at Arloph Nine. (The Neutral Zone)
USS Drake : A light cruiser commanded by Captain Paul Rice. It was destroyed
by the Echo Papa 607, a Minos-invented weapon. (The Arsenal of Freedom)
USS Enterprise : NCC-1701-D, a Galaxy Class explorer ship on a mission to go
where no one has gone before. Commanded by Captain Jean-Luc Picard; its
first officer is Commander William T. Riker. Built at the Martian ship-
yards, this is its first mission. Carries a crew complement of over 1000,
including children and families. Part of its command structure includes
a civilian, Chief Counselor/Psychologist Deanna Troi (of Betazed). The
fifth Starfleet ship to carry the proud name.
USS Fearless : Excelsior-Class ship that transported Lt. Kosinski to the Enter-
prise to commence his testing of the new warp designs (Where No One...)
USS Gettysburg : Admiral Mark Jameson's former command (Too Short a Season)
USS Hood : Excelsior-Class starship commanded by Captain DeSoto. Its first
officer was Will Riker, before he transferred to Enterprise. This ship
also transported Geordi La Forge and the Crushers to Farpoint Station to
meet Enterprise. (Encounter at Farpoint)
USS Horatio : Ambassador class ship commanded by Captain Walker Keel. It was
mysteriously destroyed after Keel warned Picard about the deadly Starfleet
investigation. (Conspiracy)
USS Melbourne : Ship in dock at Starbase 74 (11001001)
USS Renegade : A frigate commanded by Captain Tryla Scott, who was controlled
by the Parasites. (Conspiracy)
USS Stargazer : Captain Picard's first command. The ship was involved in a
skirmish with a then-unidentified Ferengi battleship at Maxia Zeta and was
lost, then was presented nine years later in the Zendi Sabu system by the
Ferengi as a gift to Picard. Its i.d. is NCC-2893 (The Battle)
USS Thomas Paine : A frigate under command of Captain Rixx. (Conspiracy)
USS Trieste : Ship that Quintaros recommends pursue the Enterprise--it is the
closest to Starbase 74, but is too slow (11001001)
USS Tripoli : Ship that visited Omicron Theta IV and found Data (Datalore)
USS Tsiolkovsky : A Grissom-Class freighter infected with the Psi-2000 virus
(The Naked Now)
USS Wellington : Ship that the Bynars worked on before the Enterprise was
stolen (11001001)
Battress : A Telarian vessel off course in the Neutral Zone; it was comman-
deered by Klingons under Koras and found by Enterprise. (Heart of Glory)
Kartag : Imperial Klingon Vessel that was pursuing Koras and his renegade
Klingons. (Heart of Glory)
Lallo : A freighter that feels the time distort. (We'll Always Have Paris)
Odin : A freighter commanded by Captain Ramsey that was blown off course
by asteroids and crashed on Asphia. Several of its crew, including Ramsey,
managed to enter escape pods and make it to Angel One (Angel One)
Sanction : One of three remaining Ornaran freighters, it was destroyed because
its control coil malfunctioned and it couldn't reach escape velocity from
Brecka. (Symbiosis)
Ferengi Ships : Encountered in Delphi Ardu and Zendi Sabu Systems (The Battle,
The Last Outpost). In the original script for "The Battle", the Ferengi
ship was known as the Devo.
Romulan Ship : Under command of Commander T'Bok, it encounters the Enterprise
in the Neutral Zone. (The Neutral Zone)
Tarellian Ship : Carrying survivors of the planet Tarella, destroyed by a
biological war, it was on course for Haven. It eventually turned away for
deep space when Dr. Wyatt Miller beamed aboard (Haven)

----COMPLETE CAST/CHARACTER LIST-----------------------------------------------
(Actor who plays each character is in brackets; noted if not known or seen.)

Aaron, Admiral [Ray Reinhardt]: Elder officer controlled by Parasites on Earth.
Accolan [Dan Mason]: "Adopted father" to Harry Bernard. (When the Bough Breaks)
Alexandra [Jessica and Vanessa Bova]: A young girl kidnapped from Enterprise;
Rachella refused to give her up. Her mom is Toya. (When the Bough Breaks)
Ardan [unseen]: Once a Mordanite terrorist, now dead; Jameson believes he is
still alive and responsible for the Mordan kidnapping. (Too Short a Season)
Argyle, Blake [Biff Yeager]: Engineering officer, USS Enterprise. Has red-gold
hair and beard. (Where No One..., Datalore)
Ariana [Danitza Kingsley]: Wyatt Miller's dream girl, a dying Tarellian refu-
gee. It was her impression that led to his choice to join them. (Haven)
Ariel [Patricia MacPherson]: Assistant to Beate of Angel One, she was also in
love with Captain Ramsey and was almost sentenced to death. (Angel One)
Armus [Mart McChesney, voice of Ron Gans]: A creature made of a material remi-
niscent of oil, it can change its shape at will and enjoys making its vic-
tims suffer. It killed Tasha Yar. (Skin of Evil)
Badar N'D'D' [John Durbin]: Leader of the Antican party on the Enterprise tra-
velling to Parliament. (Lonely Among Us)
Ballerina [Victoria Dillard]: Enterprise crewman who hallucinated a dance in
the ship's holodeck. (Where No One Has Gone Before)
Bandi Shopkeeper [David Erskine]: (Encounter at Farpoint)
Bass Player [Abdul Salaam El Razzac]: Part of the holodeck band. (11001001)
Beate [Karen Montgomery]: Elected One of Angel One, she tried to seduce Riker
and almost sentenced Ramsey to death. She eventually changed her mind with
Riker's persuasiveness. (Angel One)
Benson, Bjorn [Gerard Prendergast]: Chief Engineer of the terraforming project
on Velara Three. He protests about the laser drill destruction. (Home Soil)
Bernard, Dr. [Dierk Torsek]: Enterprise physician; father of a young future ar-
tist named Harry. (When the Bough Breaks)
Bernard, Harry [Philip N. Waller]: A young boy kidnapped from the Enterprise.
He is artistically talented and impressed the Aldeans. (When Bough Breaks)
Bok [Frank Corsentino]: A Ferengi DaiMon, commander. His son was killed by
Picard nine years ago; he used a mind-sphere to destroy him. (The Battle)
Box, Talking [Armin Shimerman, unbilleted]: A device with a face that comes
alive, heralding the arrival of Lwaxana Troi and the Millers. (Haven)
Bradley, Arthur Glinton [unseen]: Wealthy husband of Jessica Bradley. (Goodbye)
Bradley, Jessica [Carolyn Allport]: A young woman in the 1941 holodeck projec-
tion killed, which led to Picard's role of Dixon Hill. (The Big Goodbye)
Bynars, The [Katy Boyer, Alexandra Johnson, Iva Lane, Kelly Ann McNally]: Citi-
zens of Bynus linked by an organic computer, known as 11, 00, 10 and 01.
They stole the Enterprise from Starbase 74. (11001001)
Carapledes, Una [unseen]: Killed in "accident" by Starfleet. (Conspiracy)
Chang [Robert Ito]: Tech officer at the Relva Starbase who becomes Wesley's
tester for his Academy exam. (Coming of Age)
Channing, Dr. [unseen]: Dilithium theorist whose principles Wesley studies in
science class. (Lonely Among Us)
Clemons, L.Q. "Sonny" [Leon Rippy]: One of three surviving humans on the Earth
satellite. He originally died of drug abuse and was cryogenically frozen
and lived to see the 24th Century. (The Neutral Zone)
Computer, Enterprise [voice of Majel Barrett, unbilleted]: Onboard computer
system, holds incredible memory. Its voice sounds strangely like that of
the original ship of the first series.
Conn: Bridge position played by David Renan (The Naked Now) and Josh Clark
(Justice). Also: Battle Bridge Conn, played by Colm Meaney (Farpoint)
Crewmember [Charles Dayton]: Believed he was part of a string quartet. (Where
No One Has Gone Before)
Crusher, Dr. Beverly [Gates McFadden]: Chief Medical Officer, USS Enterprise.
Widow of Jack Crusher, former first officer of USS Stargazer. Has a son,
Wesley. An emotional women attracted to Picard. She lived on Aveda Three
as a child.
Crusher, Jack [unseen]: Former first officer, USS Stargazer to Captain Picard,
father of Wesley and husband of Beverly. Died on a Stargazer Away team.
He was introduced to Beverly by Walker Keel.
Crusher, Wesley [Wil Wheaton]: Acting Ensign, USS Enterprise. A child genius,
youngest officer on ship and part of Captain Picard's support staff. Has
a tendency to come up with all the answers. / Also played as a Q-accele-
rated adult by William A. Wallace. (Hide and Q)
Curland, Jake [Stephen Gregory]: A bright young man on the Enterprise who was
beaten by Wesley trying to get to take the Academy exam. (Coming of Age)
Data, Lieutenant Commander [Brent Spiner]: Operations Officer, USS Enterprise.
An android, created by Dr. Sung on Omicron Theta IV; was later found by the
USS Tripoli. Attended Starfleet Academy after declared sentient by Turing
Test; served on many vessels before Enterprise. Has twin, Lore (destroyed)
Very childlike in approach; his greatest dream is to become human.
Dean, Lieutenant [Dan Kern]: Picard practiced fencing with him. (We'll...Paris)
Desk Sergeant [Mike Genovese]: Flirted with Beverly Crusher. (The Big Goodbye)
DeSoto, Captain [unseen]: Commanding Officer of USS Hood, he was Riker's former
supervisor. Riker forbid him to beam down to Altair III. (Farpoint)
Drummer [Ron Brown]: Part of the holodeck band. (11001001)
Duana [Jandi Swanson]: Wesley's "adopted mother" on Aldea whose weakness led
Beverly to determine the Aldeans were dying. (When the Bough Breaks)
Dylaplane [unseen]: Governor of Pacifica, he notified Admiral Savar of Picard's
change in schedule. (Conspiracy)
Edo Children [Judith Jones, Eric Matthews, David Michel Graves]: They were with
Wesley when he broke the Edo law and was sentenced to death. (Justice)
Edourd [Jean-Paul Vignon]: The maitre'd at the cafe in the holodeck-created
Paris. (We'll Always Have Paris)
Engineering Crewman [Skip Stellrecht]: (The Naked Now)
Epstein, Professor Terence [unseen]: Dr. Beverly Crusher's favorite instructor
and idol; he is at Starbase 74. (11001001)
Female Engineer [Carolyne Barry]: (Home Soil)
Female Ensign, Young [Evelyn Guerrero]: (Encounter at Farpoint)
First Security Guard [Colm Meaney]: (Lonely Among Us)
Francine [Kelly Ashmore]: Friend to Gabrielle. (We'll Always Have Paris)
Gabrielle [Isabel Lorca]: A girl in the holoimage of Paris that reminded Picard
of Jenice Manheim. (We'll Always Have Paris
Gilnor [unseen]: Like Ardan, another terrorist dead for years that Jameson sus-
pects behind the Mordan kidnappings. (Too Short a Season)
Hagon [James Louis Watkins]: Former Secondary to Lutan of Ligon. Gained posi-
tion of Primary when made First One to Yarina. (Code of Honor)
Hawkins, Ambassador [unseen]: Leader of the diplomatic party on Mordan IV, he
is taken hostage by Governor Karnas. (Too Short a Season)
Hill, Dan [Gary Armagnal]: Police Chief, San Francisco 1941; part of the Enter-
prise's holograph of the same era. (The Big Goodbye)
Homn [Carel Struycken]: Valet to Lwaxana Troi. A mute (or at least lets every-
one think so); well versed in sign language; loves to drink. (Haven)
Inis, Valeda [Anna Katarina]: First Electorine of Haven, she plead with Picard
to destroy the Tarellians on contact, fearing for Haven's safety. (Haven)
Jameson, Anne [Marsha Hunt]: Wife of Admiral Mark Jameson, now his widow. Ac-
companied her husband to Mordan IV. (Too Short a Season)
Jameson, Mark [Clayton Rohner]: Admiral, Starfleet. He stopped a hostage cri-
sis on Mordan IV 45 years ago. Died of a Cerberan rejuvenation drug over-
dose (Too Short a Season)
Karnas [Michael Pataki]: Governor of Mordan IV, he had a vengeance score to
settle with Admiral Jameson and kidnapped a Starfleet party to instigate
it. (Too Short a Season)
Katie [Ivy Bethune]: An Enterprise child who was kidnapped by the Aldeans and
taught by Lettian to seek music within herself. (When the Bough Breaks)
Kayron [Tracey Walter]: A Ferengi under DaiMon Taar. (The Last Outpost)
Kazago [Doug Warhit]: First Officer of DaiMon Bok's ship, and a sensible Feren-
gi; he arrested Bok and dealt directly with Commander Riker. (The Battle)
Keel, Anne [unseen]: One of Walker Keel's two sisters. (Conspiracy)
Keel, Melissa [unseen]: One of Walker Keel's two sisters. (Conspiracy)
Keel, Captain Walker [Jonathan Farwell]: An old friend of Picard's who served
with him and Jack Crusher on Stargazer. He warned Picard of the suspected
Starfleet conspiracy and died when his ship was destroyed. Walker was res-
ponsible for introducing Beverly to Jack Crusher. (Conspiracy)
Kim, Dr. Luisa [Elizabeth Lindsey]: Asst. Director of the Gardeners of Eden
Project on Velara III, she wasn't told about the microbrain. (Home Soil)
Kissing Crewman [Kenny Koch]: Got a "gift" from Tasha Yar. (The Naked Now)
K'Nera, Captain [David Froman]: Commander of Klingon ship who pursued Koras and
found him on Enterprise. (Heart of Glory)
Konmil [Charles H. Hyman]: Klingon Lieutenant under Koras; he dies escaping
from the Enterprise's security ward. (Heart of Glory)
Koras [Vaughn Armstrong]: Leader of a rebel band of Klingons who believe that
the alliance with the Federation is against honor. He died while battling
Worf. (Heart of Glory)
Kosinski [Stanley Kamel]: Member of Starfleet Corps of Engineers, and a fraud;
thought his warp theories would improve speed--a failure. (Where No One...)
Kunivas [Robert Bauer]: Ailing Klingon who died on Enterprise. (Heart of Glory)
La Forge, Geordi [LeVar Burton]: Enterprise bridge officer blind from birth and
wears a VISOR implant over his eyes. Geordi is the Captain's protege; he
frequently takes command of the Enterprise. He is best friends with Data
and is trying to teach the android all the basics about being human.
Langor [Kimberly Farr]: One of the two Breckan salespeople who tried to sell a
shipment of phylicium to the Ornarans. (Symbiosis)
Leach, Felix [Harvey Jason]: Weasel assistant to crime boss Cyrus Redblock. Al-
most killed Picard, aka Dixon Hill, in the holodeck. (The Big Goodbye)
Leda [Michele Marsh]: "Adopted mother" to Harry. (When the Bough Breaks)
Letek [Armin Shimerman]: A Ferengi under DaiMon Taar. (The Last Outpost)
Lettian [Paul Lambert]: An Aldean musician, he "adopted" young Enterprise girl
Katie and encouraged her to seek music in herself. (When the Bough Breaks)
Liator [Jay Louden]: One of the Council of Edo, Rubicam Three. Led the inquisi-
tion into the charged death of Wesley Crusher. (Justice)
Logan [Vyto Ruginis]: Enterprise Engineer, took over from MacDougal & Argyle.
Tried to take command during the Minos incident. (The Arsenal of Freedom)
Lore [Brent Spiner]: Duplicate of Data, also more humanlike and certainly much
more evil. Destroyed Omicron Theta; tried same on Enterprise. (Datalore)
Lutan [Jessie Lawrence Ferguson]: Primary of Ligon, leader of its people. Kid-
napped Lt. Yar; lost position to his secondary, Hagon. (Code of Honor)
Lynch, Leland T. [Walker Boone]: Enterprise engineer who was engaged in preven-
tative maintenance on the dilithium assembly when the distress signal from
shuttle 13 was received. (Skin of Evil)
MacDougal, Sarah [Brooke Bundy]: Chief of Engineering, USS Enterprise. Shares
position with Argyle. (The Naked Now)
Main Bridge Security [Timothy Dang]: (Encounter at Farpoint)
Malenson, Arthur [Mario Roccuzzo]: Hydraulic specialist of the terraforming
project on Velara. The microbrain took over the laser drill and killed him
with it. (Home Soil)
Mandarin Bailiff [Cary-Hiroyuki]: An Oriental who assists Q at the Enterprise
trial. (Encounter at Farpoint)
Mandl, Kurt [Walter Gotell]: Director of the Gardeners of Eden Terraforming
Project on Velara III. He tried to steer Picard clear of the planet and
then became a nuisance when the microbrain was discovered. (Home Soil)
Manheim, Jenice [Michelle Phillips]: Wife of Dr. Paul Manheim, and Captain Pi-
card's first love. She came aboard when the Enterprise investigated her
husband's time project. (We'll Always Have Paris)
Manheim, Dr. Paul [Rod Loomis]: A temporal scientist who operates on Vandor
Four, he created a time distortion. (We'll Always Have Paris)
Matthew [unknown]: A young Enterprise boy. (The Last Outpost)
McCoy, Admiral Leonard H. [DeForest Kelley]: Surgeon-General of Starfleet Com-
mand, retired; former Chief Medical Officer of USS Enterprise. Age 137. He
toured the new Enterprise's medical facilities on its first voyage into
space. (Encounter at Farpoint)
McKinney [unseen]: Killed in "accident" by Starfleet. (Conspiracy)
McNary [David Selburg]: Lieutenant to Police Chief Dan Hill of San Francisco
1941; part of the hologram. He became aware he wasn't real. (Big Goodbye)
McNary, Sharon [unseen]: Lt. McNary's wife. Dixon Hill likes her cooking. They
have children as well. (The Big Goodbye)
Mediators [David Q. Combs, Richard Lavin]: Two policemen on Rubicam Three who
sentence Wesley to death. (Justice)
Medical Officer / Nurse [Brad Zerbst]: (Justice, Heart of Glory, Skin of Evil)
Military Officer [Chuck Hicks]: (Encounter at Farpoint)
Miller, Stephen [Robert Ellenstein]: Wyatt Miller's father. An old man with
intense curiosity and a kind heart. Lives on Earth with his wife. (Haven)
Miller, Victoria [Nan Martin]: Wyatt Miller's mother. An elder woman who has a
strong dislike for Lwaxana Troi. Lives on Earth. (Haven)
Miller, Wyatt [Rob Knepper]: Medical Doctor and betrothed to Deanna Troi. He
took medical supplies and jumped ship to save Tarellian refugees and be
with his dream girl, Ariana. (Haven)
Minnerly, Lt. [unseen]: Tasha's competition in the Enterprise martial arts con-
test. He was bet against -- by Worf. (Skin of Evil)
Minuette [Carolyn McCormick]: A hologram image created by the Bynars as a lure
for Riker, she was very adaptable and VERY beautiful. Riker can't recall
her because she was a Bynar creation. (11001001)
Mirren, Oliana [Estee Chandler]: A girl who competes against Wesley in the
Academy exam; she thinks he's "cute" (Coming of Age)
Mordoc [Jake Dengel]: A Ferengi under DaiMon Taar. (The Last Outpost)
Mordok [John Putch]: A Benzite attempting to enter Starfleet Academy; he suc-
ceeds, beating Wesley, who helped him on a test. (Coming of Age)
Offenhouse, Ralph [Peter Mark Richman]: A wealthy financier from the 20th cen-
tury who died of advanced cardiomyopathy, and lived via cryogenic suspen-
sion. He was 55. He taunted Picard during the Romulan incident. (The
Neutral Zone)
Peretor Sain [unseen]: Former rival of Karnas who killed his father. Karnas
wanted weapons to defeat Sain in the struggle 45 years ago. (Too...Season)
Piano Player [Jack Sheldon]: Part of the holodeck band. (11001001)
Picard, Jean-Luc [Patrick Stewart]: Captain of USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-D. Born
in Paris, France. Commanded USS Stargazer; first officer was Jack Crusher.
A very dignified captain, well-respected in Starfleet. Very devout to
literature, especially detective genre. Does not get on well with kids.
Balding, handsome man; attracted to Dr. Beverly Crusher.
Picard's Mother [Herta Ware]: A frail old woman who serves Jean-Luc tea when
the Enterprise journeys into the Beyond. (Where No One Has Gone Before)
Pola [unknown]: A young Enterprise boy. (The Last Outpost)
Portal, The [Darryl Henriques]: Protector of Delphi Ardu, the last Outpost of
the Tkon Empire; was not aware that the Tkon had fallen. (The Last Outpost)
Prieto, Ben [Raymond Forchion]: Pilot of shuttlecraft 13, he was almost killed
when the ship crashed on Veigra Two. (Skin of Evil)
"Q" [John de Lancie]: A member of an advanced alien race with shapechanging po-
wers, Q is Picard's foremost adversary. First tested the crew of the En-
terprise after trying Humanity; then tested Riker's loyalty itself. Ba-
nished but almost certain to reappear. (Encounter at Farpoint, Hide and Q)
Quinn, Gregory [Ward Costello]: A Starfleet Admiral who believes a conspiracy
to undermine the Federation is underway, he investigates and recruits Pi-
card for his purpose. He is later possessed by the Parasites, who are res-
ponsible for the conspiracy, and attacks Riker. Quinn is the only admiral
at Headquarters to survive. (Coming of Age, Conspiracy)
Quinteros, Orfil [Gene Dynarski]: Base Commander, Starbase 74 (Tarsus III).
He was among the designers of the galaxy-class Enterprise. (11001001)
Rachella [Brenda Strong]: Aldean aide to Radu; she refused to give up "adopted
daughter" Alexandra, kidnapped from Enterprise. (When the Bough Breaks)
Radue [Jerry Hardin]: Leader of the Aldeans, he cannot accept Picard's claim
that his people are dying because of radiation. (When the Bough Breaks)
Ramos [Dennis Madalone]: Enterprise security officer who dies when Koras and
Konmil break out of their cell. (Heart of Glory)
Ramsey [Sam Hennings]: Captain of freighter SS Odin, which crashed on Asphia;
came to Angel One, where he and his crew were fugitives. (Angel One)
Rata [Robert Towers]: Ferengi Science Officer on Bok's ship. (The Battle)
Raymond, Donald [unseen]: Clare's long-dead husband. (The Neutral Zone)
Raymond, Clare [Gracie Harrison]: A housewife who originally died of an embo-
lism, was cryogenically frozen and put on the earth satellite. She lived
to see the 24th century. She was 35 years old. (The Neutral Zone)
Raymond, Eddie and Tommy [unseen]: Clare's sons, age 8 and 5 when she "died",
born in Secaucus, New Jersey. (The Neutral Zone)
Raymond, Thomas [unseen]: A descendant of Clare's, now living on Earth. She
promised to visit him. (The Neutral Zone)
Redblock, Cyrus [Lawrence Tierney]: Crime boss in 1941 San Francisco. He threa-
tened Picard and crew when the holodeck malfunctioned. (The Big Goodbye)
Remmick, Dexter [Robert Schenkkan]: A Starfleet Commander from the Inspector
General's office, he is a chief investigator in the Starfleet conspiracy
and questions the Enterprise crew and especially Picard. He is later pos-
sessed by the Parasite mother creature and dies when Picard and Riker des-
troy it. (Coming of Age, Conspiracy)
Rice, Paul [Marco Rodriguez]: Captain of USS Drake; died on Minos and later
replicated by the Echo Papa 607. (The Arsenal of Freedom)
Riker, William T. [Jonathan Frakes]: First Officer of USS Enterprise, known as
Number One to Captain Picard, his friend. Former first officer on USS Hood
under Captain DeSoto. Very devoted to his pursuit to command his own star-
ship, which long ago led into problems with love interest Deanna Troi. Very
large, muscular man; has many romantic entanglements.
Rivanne [Brenda Bakke]: One of the Council of Edo, Rubicam Three. She was part
of the Enterprise liaison and "saw God" aboard the ship. (Justice)
Rixx, Captain [Michael Berryman]: Captain of USS Thomas Paine, he met Captain
Picard at the Altarian Conference. (Conspiracy)
Romas [Richard Lineback]: An Ornaran dependant on phylicium. (Symbiosis)
Rondon [Daniel Riordan]: A Zaldan who insults Wesley. (Coming of Age)
Salesman, The [Vincent Schiavelli]: A computer hologram created by the people
of Minos, who were destroyed by the weapons they sold to other worlds. The
Salesman tried to sell the Echo Papa 607 to Picard. (Arsenal of Freedom)
Savar, Admiral [Henry Darrow]: Vulcan officer, implied to be Starfleet Grand
Admiral or near such post. He was controlled by a Parasite. (Conspiracy)
Scott, Captain Tryla [Ursaline Bryant]: Captain of USS Renegade, she made cap-
tain faster than anyone in Starfleet history. It's implied to be fishy;
Scott was controlled by the Parasites. (Conspiracy)
Secretary [Rhonda Aldrich]: Perky assistant to Dixon Hill. (The Big Goodbye)
Shimoda, Jim [Benjamin W.S. Lum]: Asst. Chief of Engineering, USS Enterprise.
His mind was altered from the Psi-2000 disease and he removed all the chips
from the main Engineering computer. (The Naked Now)
Sigman Survivor [Elaine Nalee]: Survivor of mine accident. (Hide and Q)
Singh [Kavi Raz]: Engineer, USS Enterprise. Killed by the energy cloud creature
during a trip to Parliament. (Lonely Among Us)
Sobi [Judson Scott]: Leader of the Breckan sales party who were trapped on the
Sanction and taken by the Enterprise. (Symbiosis)
Solis [George de la Pena]: Lieutenant, an Enterprise CON officer. He and Lee
Ann Su were put to the test by Geordi at Minos. (The Arsenal of Freedom)
Ssestar [unknown]: Selay dignitary on the Enterprise. (Lonely Among Us)
Su, Lee Ann [Julia Nickson]: Ensign, an Enterprise OPS officer. She and Solis
were put to the test by Geordi at Minos. (The Arsenal of Freedom)
Sung, Dr. Noonian [unseen]: Asimovian scientist, tried to create positronic
brain, then fled society. Evidently he succeeded: Data and Lore. (Datalore)
Sun Tzu [unseen]: An ancient Chinese philosopher whose strategies are still
taught in Starfleet. His most famous is: "He will triumph who knows when
to fight and when not to fight." (The Last Outpost)
Swenson [unseen]: Science Officer, Tasha's first competition in the ship's mar-
tial arts contest. (Skin of Evil)
Sype, Ryan [unseen]: Killed in "accident" by Starfleet. (Conspiracy)
Taar [Mike Gomez]: A Ferengi DaiMon, commander of a battle cruiser. Battled
Picard at Delphi Ardu. (The Last Outpost)
T'Bok, Commander [Marc Alaimo]: Captain of Romulan ship that crosses the Neu-
tral Zone and pledges to help Picard. (The Neutral Zone)
Technicians [Brendan McKane, Wyatt Knight]: Two men involved in Wesley's Aca-
demy test, they fake death in a lab accident. (Coming of Age)
Tejon [Merritt Butrick]: Ornaran captain of the Sanction, he was a drug addict
responsible for getting a container of phylicium from Brecka. (Symbiosis)
Thei [Anthony James]: Subcommander of Romulan ship. (The Neutral Zone)
Thug [Erik Cord]: (The Big Goodbye)
Torres [Jimmy Ortega]: Ensign, USS Enterprise. Was frozen solid by the Q du-
ring his first visit. (Encounter at Farpoint)
Toya [Connie Danese]: Mother to Alexandra, a kidnapped child. (Bough Breaks)
Transporter Chief [Michael Rider]: [The Naked Now, Code of Honor, Haven]
Transporter Chief [Lance Spellerberg]: (We'll Always Have Paris)
Traveler, The [Eric Menyuk]: A journeyer through space and time, searching for
"those of remark and intelligence". He found it--in Wesley Crusher (Where
No One Has Gone Before)
Trent [Leonard John Crofoot]: Male servant to Beate of Angel One, he was con-
sidered inferior and did almost anything to please her. (Angel One)
Troi, Deanna [Marina Sirtis]: Chief Counselor and Psychologist, USS Enterprise,
and only civilian member of its bridge crew. Born on Betazed to human fa-
ther and mother Lwaxana, Deanna is a telepath/empath. Had a failed love
with Commander Riker. Was engaged to Wyatt Miller by prearranged marriage
but situation was resolved.
Troi, Lwaxana [Majel Barrett]: Betazoid mother to Deanna Troi, she is the
"daughter of the Fifth House, holder of the sacred Chalice of Rixx, Heir to
the Holy Rings of Betazed." A telepathic busybody with a flair for thea-
trics. (Haven)
T'Shalik [Tasia Valenza]: A Vulcan girl from a Starfleet ship who attends the
Academy test. (Coming of Age)
Vender [Dick Miller]: Gave a newspaper to Picard free of charge. (Big Goodbye)
Vigo [unknown]: Weapons officer on Stargazer. (The Battle)
Whelan [William Boyett]: Historian, USS Enterprise. Nearly killed in the mal-
functioning holodeck by Felix Leach. (The Big Goodbye)
Wong, Lieutenant [unknown]: She can repair the climate control systems on the
Enterprise, says Geordi. (Angel One)
Worf [Michael Dorn]: Operations officer on USS Enterprise and now acting Secu-
rity Chief. Born on Kidimar, he was rescued by humans and taken to live
on Gault. He is the first Klingon in Starfleet Academy and sometimes con-
siders himself more human than Klingon. However, he is firmly educated in
the ways of the Klingon. He was given the title of Security Chief after
the death of Lt. Yar.
Wrenn [Raye Birk]: Leader of the last survivors of Tarellia, and a dying man.
He welcomed Wyatt and made the decision to turn away from Haven. (Haven)
Xelo [unseen]: Former valet to Lwaxana Troi; terminated because of his "porno-
graphic thoughts" about her, which she of course read like a book. (Haven)
Yar, Lieutenant Natasha "Tasha" [Denise Crosby]: Chief of Security, USS Enter-
prise. Was born on a failed Federation colony world where rape gangs pre-
vailed. Rescued by Starfleet, she worshipped the organization and became
a top security officer well versed in martial arts. Tasha died while try-
ing to rescue Enterprise officers on Veigra Two, and her death affected the
ship's command crew greatly.
Yarina [Karole Selmon]: Former First One to Lutan of Ligon, and his wife. Chal-
lenged Tasha to death duel then gained ownership of planet. (Code of Honor)
Youngblood, Ensign [James Becker]: Science Specialist, USS Enterprise. Part of
the bridge staff; never billeted in credits.
Zorn, Groppler [Michael Bell]: Leader of the Bandi, on Deneb IV. Held one of
two alien entities hostage there; was later forced to release it. (Encoun-
ter at Farpoint)

----IMPORTANT SUBJECTS CATALOG-------------------------------------------------

Albeni Meditation Crystal : A gift to Beate from Riker. (Angel One)
Aldebaran Serpent : Q appears as one to Picard and crew on his second appea-
rance on the Enterprise. (Hide and Q)
Altarian Conference : Picard met Captain Rixx here long ago. (Conspiracy)
Anchilles Fever : A plague that has overrun Styris Four. (Code of Honor)
Age of Inclusion : Worf was brought to Gault before this critical point in
Klingon age. (Heart of Glory)
Bandi : Inhabitants of Deneb IV, also known as the Farpoint planet. (Farpoint)
Battle of Maxia : Actual first battle between the Ferengi and the Federation
it was unknown that the invading ship was that particular enemy. The Fe-
rengi ship destroyed Picard's command, the Stargazer. (The Battle)
Benzite : Race with a peculiar (presumed) breathing mechanism, they are large,
with grey skin and resemble a human - elephantine crossbreeding. Mordok
was the first Benzite to attend Starfleet Academy. (Coming of Age)
Bessel Functions : Something Kosinski used during his first test on the Enter-
prise's warp engines. (Where No One Has Gone Before)
Blue Parrot Cafe : A place on Sarona Eight that serves the famous Blue Parrot.
When the Enterprise arrives, Picard says Troi's buying. (We'll...Paris)
Bourbon Street : Location of the "bar" Riker visits in the holodeck. (11001001)
Buffers : The Bynars' information processors, worn on their waists. (11001001)
Capsule, Earth : A derelict Earth satellite with cryogenic containers aboard;
only three occupants survived the 370 years of transit. (The Neutral Zone)
Centerplace : The elaborate manor of a Ligonian Primary, such as Lutan. It is
abundantly decorated, located above the common city and extensively built
for wealth. Lutan's is enormous and incredible. (Code of Honor)
Cerberan Youth Drug : Reverses the aging process slowly; Admiral Jameson took a
whole dose at once. It killed him. (Too Short a Season)
Cloud Creature : Encountered in space, part was accidentally caught by the
Enterprise and it took over several crewmembers, including the captain, to
get back to the larger body. (Lonely Among Us)
Code 47 : Starfleet Emergency transmission, for Captain's eyes only. Walker
Keel uses this to contact Picard. (Conspiracy)
Common Cold : A disease Federation medicine has now cured. The disease that
swept the ship over Angel One resembled it. (Angel One)
Control Chips : Removed by Mr. Shimoda, and reloaded by Data, after the former
is affected by the Psi-2000 Virus. (The Naked Now)
Control Coils : Integral parts of the Ornaran freighters. Picard offered to
fabricate two for the remaining two ships but then refused to give them up,
insuring that the Ornarans would not be able to reach Brecka anymore and
receive the phylicium consignments. (Symbiosis)
Counting Coup : An Earth method of capturing goods or persons of an enemy and
then demanding that the adversary accede that the capture granted them
honor. The Ligonian code is very similar. (Code of Honor)
Crystal Entity : A crystalline species that feeds off the emanations from life
forms. Lore summoned it to Omicron Theta to destroy the inhabitants and
then let it feed on the Enterprise. (Datalore)
Custodian, The : Massive supercomputer on Aldea built by the Progenitors. The
Custodian could fire bursts of energy, cloak the planet and instantaneously
transport anyone wherever they wished. (When the Bough Breaks)
Denubian Alps : Simulated by the holodeck, where Wesley and a friend go skiing.
(Angel One)
Deuterium Gas : Engineering element that escaped from the reactor on Battress,
eventually causing its explosion. (Heart of Glory)
Dixon Hill : A fictional character who exists in 1940's San Francisco. He is
Picard's favorite character. (The Big Goodbye)
Dytalix Mining Corporation : Operators of the mines on planets of the Mira
System. (Conspiracy)
Echo Papa 607 : Weapon in four stages designed by the now-dead people of Minos
which grew in each stage to fight back against its target. The Salesman
tried to sell it to Picard. (The Arsenal of Freedom)
Edo : The inhabitants of Rubicam Three; a hedonistic culture. (Justice)
Edo Bubble : "Portable projection" that invades the ship to link with Data and
determine why the Enterprise orbits Rubicam Three. (Justice)
Edo Lord : An odd, translucent formation resembling a space station not fully
present in our dimension, it guided the Edo, inhabitants of Rubicam Three,
and rejected the Enterprise's visit. (Justice)
Energy Grid : Used as a travel mechanism and a barricade by the Q. It could
travel as fast as the Enterprise. (Encounter at Farpoint, Hide and Q)
Farpoint : A luxurious complex built by the Bandi to appease the Federation. It
was really a life-entity of its own. (Encounter at Farpoint)
Ferengi, The : A villainous race whose existence was first suspected by the Fe-
deration 54 years ago and whose influence was a key factor in the peace ne-
gotiations between the UFP and Klingon Empires. They are a race of "yankee
traders", always interested in profit. Their ships are as powerful as
Starfleet's. (The Last Outpost, The Battle)
Gardeners of Eden : The name of the terraforming project on Velara. (Home Soil)
Heglenian Shift: Used by the Ligon transporters. (Code of Honor)
Holodecks : A fabulous energy-projection system on the Enterprise; can be used
in virtually any situation. (Code of Honor, Haven, 11001001, The Big Good-
"Imzadi" : A Betazed term meaning "my beloved". (Haven)
"Item," The : Never properly identified; that which Cyrus Redblock killed Jes-
sica Bradley over and then tried to kill Dixon (Picard). One can assume
that the item was a bird -- specifically, the Maltese Falcon. (Big Goodbye)
Iverson's Disease : An irreversible condition that Admiral Mark Jameson is in-
flicted with. The Cerberan youth drug reverses it. (Too Short a Season)
Joining : A Betazoid marriage ceremony, widely regarded (according to Lwaxana
Troi) as the most beautiful in the galaxy. It begins when the entire wed-
ding party removes their clothing, symbolizing total love. (Haven)
Klingon Death Ritual : A process whereby living Klingons warn the dead that a
Klingon warrior is about to join them. The Klingon participants open the
eyes of the dead soldier and lift their heads, crying out. (Heart of Glory)
Klingon Empire : The Federation's former chief adversary. Due to Ferengi inter-
ference, the Klingons sought out the Federation for a peace treaty and now
the two goverments, keeping with the original Organian prediction that the
two races would become friends, are allies. Worf is the only Klingon that
serves with the Federation; otherwise they are still warlike but relations
between them and the Federation are mostly cordial. There ARE renegades
such as Koras who wish war, but these are evidentally few. (Heart of Glory)
Microbrain : An inorganic, microscopic, intelligent life form from Velara Three
that declared war on the Enterprise. Picard convinced it of his sincerity
and it returned to Velara, asking humans to return in 300 years. (HomeSoil)
Mind-Sphere : A mind-control device used by DaiMon Bok; it gave Picard severe
headaches and eventually convinced him that he was on the Stargazer. All
of them were destroyed. (The Battle)
Mishiama Wrist Lock and Break : A martial arts maneuver that Tasha wants to
learn for the Enterprise competition -- a technique that she wants to try
with Worf. Tasha never uses it, though. (Skin of Evil)
Night-Blooming Throgni : A Klingon plant. Worf compares the scent that trans-
mits a virus on the ship to it. (Angel One)
Ornaran Plague : Disease created, and destroyed, 200 years ago, but the people
of Ornara think they still have it. (Symbiosis)
Outposts : Planets of the now-dead Tkon Empire that could travel through space.
Delphi Ardu was the last of them, guarded by Portal 6-3. (Last Outpost)
Parasites : Alien beings in direct control of key Starfleet personnel, in an
inner symbiotic relationship. The Parasites say they wish to "co-exist"
with humans but are interested in control. The mother creature that inha-
bited Dexter Remmick was destroyed but they sent a probe to the far reaches
of the galaxy. They MAY also be involved with the destruction of the Romu-
lan and Federation outpost catastrophes. (Conspiracy, )
Parrises Squares : A game played by Tasha and Worf. (11001001)
"Penalty Box" : The Enterprise bridge, according to Q. (Hide and Q)
"Phasing" : A way the Traveler, as near as can be imagined, moves through time
and space. Parts of him disappear and return in a strange pattern. After
he returns Enterprise to the Federation he phases away. (Where No One...)
Phylicium : A narcotic that 200 years ago immunized both the Breckans and Orna-
rans of a deadly plague. The Ornarans think they still have it and use
large quantities of the drug, which is the only thing the explotative Brec-
kans produce, thereby insuring a mutual dependancy. (Symbiosis)
Positronic Theory : Created by Dr. Isaac Asimov. Data is supposedly patterned
after this theory. (Datalore)
Prime Directive : Starfleet General Order 1--no vessel or officer is allowed to
interfere with an advancing society. (General theme throughout series,
used to potential in Symbiosis)
Progenitors, The : Builders of the Custodian on planet Aldea. (Could be somehow
related to the Providers from ST?) (When the Bough Breaks)
Psi-2000 Virus : Encountered by the original Enterprise, it was a disease that
released the inhibitions of those it infected. Created by gravitational
effects on water, the new Enterprise also encountered it. (The Naked Now)
Psych Test : Analogue for a crisis-relation examination Starfleet Academy can-
didates must undergo; Wesley's was to save two technicians from almost cer-
tain death. (Coming of Age)
Punishment Zone : Randomly selected by the Mediators of Rubicam Three as a
forbidden area; tresspassing invites death. (Justice)
Q.E. II (Queen Elizabeth Two) : 20th Century cruise ship; Ralph Offenhouse com-
pares the Enterprise to this. (The Neutral Zone)
Quadratanium : Element of which Data and Lore are constructed. (Datalore)
Repulsor Beam : Also known as a pressor beam, it is a reconfigured tractor.
Wesley transformed the Enterprise's tractor into a pressor. (Naked Now)
Romulan Empire, The : Vulcanoid species, a major adversary of the Federation.
They have been silent for 53 years since the Tomid Incident, though they
did attack the Kidimar outpost when Worf was a child. The Romulans still
wear the same type of uniform though they travel in ships much larger than
before, larger than the Enterprise, but still modeled after the Bird of
Prey. (Mentioned in Angel One, When the Bough Breaks; seen in Neutral Zone)
Shuttlecraft 13 : Shuttle destroyed on the surface of Veigra Two when it was
brought down by the Armus. (Skin of Evil)
Supersedence : A right for First Ones of Ligon to challenge a new First One
elect. (Code of Honor)
Tarellians : A doomed race from Tarella. They fought a biological war which
killed all but a handful of them; some made their way to Haven. (Haven)
Targ : A Klingon pet; Worf had one as a child. (Where No One Has Gone Before)
Telarians : A Federation race that created the Battress. (Heart of Glory)
Tkon Empire, The : A vast alliance of planets that spanned the galaxy and ruled
600,000 years ago, now aeons dead. Their Outposts, planets that orbited
suns driven across space, are now thought to be gone, save for one orbiting
Delphi Ardu. Their time periods are measured with names such as Bastu,
Cimi, Xora, Makto, Ozari, Fendor, etc. (The Last Outpost)
Tomid Incident : Last encounter with the Romulans, 53 years, 7 months and 18
days before. (The Neutral Zone)
Tritanium : Alloy that is almost impossible to melt, yet the weapons of Minos
seem to have done it. (The Arsenal of Freedom)
Turing Test of Sentient Ability : A test that Data passed, declaring him fit to
serve in Starfleet. (ST:TNG Writer's Guide)
T-9 Converter : An energy system stolen from Gamma Tauri by Ferengi. (Outpost)
Urselrope Wars : A conflict that evidentally happened within the past 78 years.
The war was fought by both sides using weapons from Minos, a planet later
destroyed by its own technology. (The Arsenal of Freedom)
Visual Acuity Transmitter: A device that, when attached to Geordi's VISOR, al-
lows monitoring of everything he sees. When used on the Battress, the
bridge crew saw it in action -- a jumble of varying spectra -- and saw
that Data held an aura around his android self. (Heart of Glory)
VISOR : Visual Instrument and Sight Organ Replacement; a banana-clip-shaped ap-
paratus worn over the eyes. Geordi, blind from birth, wears one. The clip
allows the owner to see better than a human, but according to Geordi, not
AS a human.
Warbird : A type of weapon worn over the hand. Known as a "glavyn" by the
Ligonians. (Code of Honor)
Yankee Traders : Merchants of the 17th century; Data compared the Ferengi to
them. (The Battle)
Zaldans : A race of humanoids who find courtesy distasteful. (Coming of Age)
Zandzament Dance Palace : Across the way from the Blue Parrot Cafe. (Paris)
Zylo Eggs : Data paints them, by Geordi's instruction. (11001001)

----WRITER/DIRECTOR GUIDE------------------------------------------------------
(Note: Story and Teleplay credit are where the writer does only one or the
other, while Writer refers to someone responsible for both.)

Allen, Corey -- Director, "Encounter at Farpoint", "Homesoil"
Baron, Michael -- Writer, "Code of Honor"
Barry, Patrick -- Writer, "Angel One"
Becker, Robert -- Director, "We'll Always Have Paris"
Beimler, Hans -- Story Editor; Teleplay, "The Arsenal of Freedom", "Symbiosis"
Bingham, J. Michael -- Writer, "The Naked Now"
Black, John D.F. -- Story, "The Naked Now"
Bole, Cliff -- Director, "Lonely Among Us", "Hide and Q", "Conspiracy"
Bowman, Rob -- Director, "Where No One Has Gone Before", "The Battle", "Data-
lore", "Too Short a Season", "Heart of Glory"
Colla, Richard -- Director, "The Last Outpost"
Compton, Richard -- Director, "Haven"
Conway, James L. -- Director, "Justice", "The Neutral Zone"
Davis, Deborah Dean -- Writer, "We'll Always Have Paris"
Duane, Diane -- Writer, "Where No One Has Gone Before"
Fontana, Dorothy C. -- Producer; Writer, "Encounter at Farpoint"; Teleplay,
"Lonely Among Us", "Too Short a Season"; Story, "Heart of Glory"
Forester, Larry -- Story, "he Battle"
Fries, Sandy -- Writer, "Coming of Age"
Glee, Mona -- Story, "The Neutral Zone"
Guers, Karl -- Story, "Homesoil"
Halperin, Michael -- Story, "Lonely Among Us"
Holland, C.J. -- Writer, "Hide and Q"
Hurley, Maurice -- Co-Executive Producer; Story, "Datalore", "The Arsenal of
Freedom"; Writer, "11001001", "Heart of Glory", "The Neutral Zone"
Krzemian, Richard -- Story, "The Last Outpost"
Landau, Les -- Director, "The Arsenal of Freedom"
Lewin, Bob -- Producer; Writer, "Datalore", "11001001", "Symbiosis"; Story,
"The Arsenal of Freedom"
Lynch, Paul -- Director, "The Naked Now", "11001001"
Manners, Kim -- Director, "When the Bough Breaks"
Manning, Richard -- Story Editor; Teleplay, "The Arsenal of Freedom", "Symbio-
Mayberry, Russ -- Director, "Code of Honor"
McIntyre, Deborah -- Story, "The Neutral Zone"
Michaelian, Michael -- Writer, "Too Short a Season"
O'Kun, Lan -- Story, "Haven"
Phelps, Win -- Director, "Symbiosis"
Powers, Katharyn -- Writer, "Code of Honor"
Reaves, Michael -- Writer, "Where No One Has Gone Before"
Rhodes, Michael -- Director, "Angel One"
Roddenberry, Gene -- Executive Producer; Writer, "Encounter at Farpoint"; Tele-
play, "Hide and Q", "Datalore"
Sabaroff, Robert -- Writer, "Homesoil"; Story, "Conspiracy"
Sanchez, Ralph -- Story, "Homesoil"
Scanlan, Joseph L. -- Director, "The Big Goodbye", "Skin of Evil"
Shearer, Hannah Louise -- Executive Story Editor; Writer, "When the Bough
Breaks", "We'll Always Have Paris"; Teleplay, "Skin of Evil"

Stefano, Joseph -- Writer, "Skin of Evil"
Strangis, Greg -- Creative Consultant, "Big Goodbye", "Datalore", "Angel One"
Thorne, Worley -- Writer, "Justice"
Torme, Tracy -- Executive Story Editor; Writer, "Haven", "The Big Goodbye",
Vejar, Michael -- Direcotr, "Coming of Age"
Wills, Ralph -- Story, "Justice"
Wright, Herbert -- Producer; Teleplay, "The Last Outpost", "The Battle"; Story,
"Heart of Glory"

----MUSICAL SCORING GUIDE------------------------------------------------------

Courage, Alexander -- Original Star Trek theme, Main Title Theme
Goldsmith, Jerry -- Main Title Theme
Jones, Ron -- Incidental Music, "The Naked Now", "Where No One Has Gone Be-
fore," "Lonely Among Us," "The Battle," "Datalore," "11001001," "When the
Bough Breaks," "Heart of Glory," "Skin of Evil," "We'll Always Have Paris,"
"The Neutral Zone"
LaSalandra, John, S.M.E. -- Music Editor, "Encounter at Farpoint", "The Naked
Now," "Code of Honor," "The Last Outpost," "Where No One Has Gone Before,"
"Lonely Among Us," "Justice," "The Battle," "Hide and Q," "Haven," "The
Big Goodbye", "Datalore," "Angel One," "Too Short a Season"
McCarthy, Dennis -- Original Main Title Theme; Incidental Music, "Encounter
at Farpoint," "The Last Outpost," "Justice," "Hide and Q," "Haven," "The
Big Goodbye," "Angel One," "Home Soil," "Coming of Age," "The Arsenal of
Freedom," "Symbiosis," "Conspiracy"
Romanis, George -- Incidental Music, "Too Short a Season"
Sackman, Gerry -- Music Editor, "11001001," "When the Bough Breaks," "Home
Soil," "Coming of Age," "Heart of Glory," "The Arsenal of Freedom," "Sym-
biosis," "Skin of Evil," "We'll Always Have Paris," "Conspiracy," "The
Neutral Zone"
Steiner, Fred -- Incidental Music, "Coming of Age"

(C) Copyright 1988 by Jim C. Lyon. Thanks to Enterprise America, Joe Siegler,
Christina Mavroudis, Richard Taylor and Lee Whiteside.

(NOTE: Noticed three errors on upload: a) Romulan Empire in Subject catalog,
word "Romulan" is omitted b) Styris IV in Locations, Anghalese Fever not
changed to Anchilles Fever c) Koras in Characters, letters o-r-a-s deleted
somehow -- Jim)

lore", "Too Short a Season", "Heart of Glory"
Colla, Richard -- Director, "The Last Outpost"
Compton, Richard -- Director, "Haven"
Conway, James L. -- Director, "Justice", "The Neutral Zone"
Davis, Deborah Dean -- Writer, "We'll Always Have Paris"
Duane, Diane -- Writer, "Where No One Has Gone Before"
Fontana, Dorothy C. -- Producer; Writer, "Encounter at Farpoint"; Teleplay,
"Lonely Among Us", "Too Short a Season"; Story, "Heart of Glory"
Forester, Larry -- Story, "he Battle"
Fries, Sandy -- Writer, "Coming of Age"
Glee, Mona -- Story, "The Neutral Zone"
Guers, Karl -- Story, "Homesoil"
Halperin, Michael -- Story, "Lonely Among Us"
Holland, C.J. -- Writer, "Hide and Q"
Hurley, Maurice -- Co-Executive Producer; Story, "Datalore", "The Arsenal of
Freedom"; Writer, "11001001", "Heart of Glory", "The Neutral Zone"
Krzemian, Richard -- Story, "The Last Outpost"
Landau, Les -- Director, "The Arsenal of Freedom"
Lewin, Bob -- Producer; Writer, "Datalore", "11001001", "Symb

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