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Scanner Finder allows you to create a data base of radio frequencies for use with a scanner.
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Scanner Finder allows you to create a data base of radio frequencies for use with a scanner.
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Contents of the USER.DOC file

Scanner Frequency Finder
User Documentation

Introduction -
This shareware program is provided for you to maintain a data base
of radio frequencies for use with a scanner. The program is NOT in
the public domain. If you use the program beyond 30 days, you must
register the software and pay a license fee of $25. Registered
users will receive updates to the program as well as a data file
with over 6,000 listings.

To register the program, select the "Complete Registration" menu
choice from the main menu. This will print the appropriate
registration form. If you do not receive your registered version
within 3 weeks of mailing your form, please contact me by mail or
via Compuserve (73720,3233).

Registration forms should be sent to:

Jay J. Levine
P.O. Box 33152
Washington, DC 20033

Using the Program -
You will find that using the program is extremely easy. Everything
is menu driven. You may look through the data in a variety of sort
orders - by Name, by Service (e.g. police, fire, aircraft), by
Frequency, by City, by County, or by State. Reports can also be
printed in any of there sort orders.

When you select an order, you will find a table of the existing
data. You will notice an item marked "Quick Jump". This allows
you to jump to a specific point in the data table immediately. You
do not have to use this. You may scroll through the data file by
using the cursor keys as well as page-up and page-down. When you
find the item you are seeking, you may:

o View/Edit it by pressing Enter. This will display the full
record. Reaching the bottom of the record or pressing
control-enter saves your changes. Escape will take you out of
the record.

o Delete it by pressing Del or Delete key. You will be prompted
to be sure you want to delete this record. Deletions are
permanent and may not be recovered.

If you wish to add a new item, press Ins or Insert key. This will
display the full record for entering information. Reaching the
bottom of the record or pressing control-enter saves your data.
Escape will take you out of the record. Note: data may be entered
from any table/sort order.

Note: The following fields are mandatory:

You will notice that Service is a "look-up" field. If you put a
service that is not in the data base or leave it blank, a list of
valid services will pop-up. You may add a service to the list at
that time.

To return to the menu from the table, press control-esc.

Utilities -
The utilities menu allows you to modify or add to the list of
services. Adding, editing and deleting the data is the same as

Printing -
All reports should print on any printer capable of printing the
full IBM character set. If your printer is not capable of this,
let me know at the time of registration and I will make the
necessary modification.

Questions and Support -
Questions will be addressed via e-mail on Compuserve. Address any
questions to Jay Levine (73720,3233).

Disclaimer -
There are no expressed or implied warranties with this software,
both the unregistered and registered version are provided as is.
The data contained has been obtained from various listings (mostly
on bulletin boards). There is no guarantee of its accuracy. It is
important to note that under FCC rules, it is illegal to listen to
certain frequencies and at no time may you rebroadcast anything
that is heard over the airwaves. While a frequency may be listed
here, it is not an indication that it is legal to monitor that
frequency. That is the responsibility of the listener.

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