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BCC version 2.47. Serves as a simple calculator accessable from the operating system prompt (C>).
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BCC version 2.47. Serves as a simple calculator accessable from the operating system prompt (C>).
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Contents of the BCC247.DOC file

based on the BC utility in the UNIX operating system
by Jeff A. Six

PROGRAM--BCC Version 2.47

PURPOSE--to serve as a simple calculator accessable from
the operating system prompt (C>)

REQUIREMENTS--IBM comp. running DOS 2.0 or later


1)copy BCC.COM to a directory in your path.

SYNTAX-(from the DOS prompt)-- BCC

USAGE--BCC does the four simple math functions (add,subtract,multiply,divide)
they are repersented by the signs +, -, *, and /
to use BCC, type the expression to be solved and press .
The program will display the result. Then press ENTER to do another
problem or type QUIT and press enter to exit to DOS.

version .90--first try at this program
version 1.00--first released version,
ran only with DOS 5.0's DOSKEY and qBASIC
version 1.01a--released bug fix, increased compability
to BASICA and 4DOS in addition to DOS 5.0
version 2.00--unreleased complete overhaul of program
version 2.01--released version, compiled
changed user interface, installation file added
version 2.02--released maintance upgrade, compiled
minor change in user interface and
fixed a couple of programming bugs.
version 2.03--released version, maintance upgrade
compiled, new installation program
version 2.47--released version, compiled
changed user interface

DISCLAMER: I make no warrenty for this program. It's so simple, even
if it did screw up it probaly could not hurt anything. I take no
responability for any damages which might occur while using this

This program is FREEWARE. I wrote it for a simple purpose and
thought other people might want to use it too. It is very simple and a
useful tool. This is version 2.47.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This program was compiled with Borland International's
Turbo C++ 3.0. That program is copyrighted 1987, 1990 Borland
International, Inc. All rights reserved. That program is licensed
material--program property of Borland International, Inc. I hereby
acknowledge all copyrights by Borland International. I also hereby
acknowledge that portions of this program (header files, standard
libraries, etc . . .) are copyrighted Borland International and are used
in accordance with the license agreement inclosed with Turbo C++ 3.0.

If you find this program of value, please send any contributions to:
Jeff A. Six
10110 Silver Twine
Columbia, MD 21046


same address as above or
e-mail me on CompuServe

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