Dec 162017
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Telisolar is a program which provides the user with an easy, and fast method of evaluating energy-saving in the areas of hot water usage, building heating/cooling load, and solar collector design.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
688 44 44 stored
GO.BAT 4390 1678 deflated
HOUSE.DAT 568 274 deflated
INITVAL.SOL 1280 349 deflated
READ.ME 2883 1352 deflated
README 1006 545 deflated
SINSTALL.BAS 3072 1552 deflated
SOLSTALL.EXE 23794 17035 deflated
TELISOL.DOC 183558 45351 deflated
TELISOL.EXE 89075 44914 deflated

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