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Physics Tutor: Great physics help for high school & college students.

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Physics Tutor 1.0: Helps high school seniors
and college freshmen to understand physics
better. Uses graphical animation for the
demonstration of concepts. The program should
supplement normal classroom learning. The
author holds a Ph.D in physics and an M. S.
in computer science. For IBM & compatibles
w/ 640 KB & EGA/VGA. Volume II in a series.
Author will answer questions from registered
users. Shareware ($20) from Z & C Software.

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Physics Tutor: Great physics help for high school & college students.
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TEXT2H.TEX 693 360 deflated
TEXT2I.TEX 712 371 deflated
TEXT2J.TEX 431 266 deflated
TEXT2K.TEX 557 319 deflated
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TEXT2N.TEX 351 215 deflated
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TEXT2P.TEX 569 329 deflated
TRIP.CHR 16677 8006 deflated

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Contents of the PHYSICS2.DOC file

Physics Tutor: Copyright 1993 Z & C Software

This program is written for IBM PC, XT, AT, PS/2s, and all
true compatibles. All this program requires is a color monitor
with EGA, and 640 K of RAM.

Every year there are many students just like you, pondering
helplessly over impossible word problems that just boggle the
mind. Many of you are not satisfied with the way physics is
taught, or you need extra help, but your instructor doesn't have
the time. Here we will try a new approach to help students like
you to review the material that has been presented to you in
class, and to help you raise your grades. I know that physics
is not an easy subject, which is why I have written this program
to assist you.

This program includes the fundamentals of Physics. It
should be understood that Physics is a comprehensive science,and
could not be included in this one program. The approach chosen
here incorporates graphical interface with text - oriented
learning. It gives you the benefits of computer graphics while
the basics are explained in clear and understandable language.
The program itself is separated into two main parts. There is
the review section and the problem section. In the problem
section, there are problems with degrees of difficulty ranging
from the simple to the challenging. Every question has an
explanation along with the correct answer. You can treat these
problems the same you might with examples in your textbook. They
are for your practice. I am releasing a separate problems
addition to this program. It will include exercises on all
levels and will include the correct answers, all for your
practice. The ordering information will appear before you exit.

My name is Dr. Philip Zhao. I hold a Ph.D. degree in
theoretical physics and an M.S. degree in Computer Science. I
have also had 30 years of instructional and research experience.
If you have any questions about this program or any questions
concerning any physics problems, please contact me at my work

If you find this program educational and helpful,
and you plan to continue to use it, please register; also, we
appreciate anyone who takes the time to upload it to a BBS.
Registered users will be able to send me problems concerning
those topics covered by this program. Also, registered users
will receive future unregistered Volumes and revisions. To
register, simply send your name, address, version number and
check or cash for $20 to:

Dr. X. Zhao
Z & C Software
P. O. Box 9803
Newark, DE 19714

Make the check payable to Dr. X. Zhao. Please specify
preferred disk size, 5.25" or 3.5". If you want to see more
educational programs like this, please support our company by
becoming a registered user. Thank you.

Dr. X. Zhao

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