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Universal Converter 2.00 gives you over 600 standard and not so standard calculations at you fingertips from a menu of 85 catagories. U.S. lengths, liquid, weight, temperatures, plus musical freqs, fractions, etc, etc.

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Universal Converter 2.00 gives you over 600
standard and not-so-standard calculations at
your fingertips from a menu of 85 categories!
Super-easy- to-use area, volume, metric to
U. S. lengths, liquid, weight, & temperature
conversions. Also musical frequencies,
fractions, & more, plus some surprises. This
program puts an absolute end to searching
through books for a formula or conversion
constants, then pressing scores of buttons
on your calculator. Shareware ($29.95) from
Another Company.

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Universal Converter 2.00 gives you over 600 standard and not so standard calculations at you fingertips from a menu of 85 catagories. U.S. lengths, liquid, weight, temperatures, plus musical freqs, fractions, etc, etc.
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Contents of the UC.DOC file


Unregistered Shareware Version 2.0

Copyright 1992, Jeff Napier & Another Company (tm)

How to use the Universal Converter

Try it. No instruction is necessary! If you get into any
trouble, remember that the [Esc] key will get you out of
almost anything. Experiment with all the options on the menu
to see everything it can do.

If you use a mouse, generally the left mouse button will
select an action (same as pressing [Enter]) or answer a
Yes/No question affirmatively. The right button (same as
[Esc] will abandon an operation and answer questions

Every time the Universal Converter is started, it creates
a new file called RESULTS. If a RESULTS file already exists,
it is erased and started over. You can examine or cut and
paste the results of conversions from this file with your
favorite text editor or word processing program.

Advanced Tip:

If you want to export the resulting number from one
conversion or calculation to another, or in and out of the
CALCULATOR, simply enter the new menu area and press the [=]


If the disk which contains the Universal Converter
becomes full, the program will have difficulties because it
needs room in which to write the RESULTS file.

Windows Friendly:

To install the Universal Converter for Microsoft Windows
version 3.0 or 3.1:

1. Start Windows and highlight the program group in which you
want to install the Universal Converter.

2. Select NEW from the box in the upper left corner. Select
PROGRAM. When asked for the DESCRIPTION type UC or
Converter, or whatever you want to appear under the icon.
When asked for PROGRAM, type the drive and sub-directory into
which you have copied the Universal Converter files, a
backslash and then UC.EXE. For instance:


3. Then select CHANGE ICON and type the drive and
sub-directory again, a backslash, then UC.ICO.

4. Select OK and the icon should appear in your selected
program group.

5. To use the Universal Converter from within Windows,
double-click it's icon. Do not use [Esc] when done with the
Converter running under Windows. Instead hold the [Ctrl]
key, then press [Esc]. This will keep the Converter loaded
for instant access. Press [Esc] only when done with a
Windows session, unless you want to remove the Universal
Converter from the active programs.

Because it is relatively small compared to many other
programs used from within Windows, the Universal Converter
requires little RAM space and swaps very fast.

NOTES: If you like using a mouse, be sure your mouse driver
is loaded before you start Windows.
Do not use POPUC.EXE with Windows.


Even though it is a large program relative to the DOS 640k
RAM limit, the Universal Converter can go TSR in some
situations! (A TSR, Terminate & Stay Resident, is a program
which pops up from within other programs, eliminating the
need to quit the first program to use the pop-up.) There are
two limits - you cannot pop it up from within a
graphics-based program, and you cannot pop it up from the DOS
prompt. A hard disk and MS-DOS version 3.0 or later is
required. If you have 2 megabytes of RAM, the converter will
use it for faster service, assuming your extended RAM is not
already occupied with SMARTDRIVE.SYS or other programs.

To use as a TSR, type POPUC at the DOS prompt, or put the
line: POPUC in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file. Whenever you need the
converter, simply hold the [Alt] key and press the [.] key at
the same time.
UC.EXE must be accessible from various directories. Put
the directory containing the Universal Converter files in
your PATH statement in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file or put the
converter and it's files in an already accessible directory,
such as your root directory.
POPUC.EXE is completely independent of UC.EXE, meaning
you can always use UC.EXE without TSR status even if
POPUC.EXE is loaded and POPUC makes no changes to UC.EXE.
To get the converter from the DOS prompt, type UC and press
[Enter] as usual.
POPUC.EXE is still a weak program, especially compared to
the Universal Converter itself. I call it 'weak' because it
does not yet work from the DOS prompt or from within
graphics-based programs and because it is slower than it
should be. Development of POPUC.EXE is continuing.
Eventually, with enough time and enough support from
registrations, we may have a version which even allows
cutting and pasting information between the Universal
Converter and other application programs.


This file grants you specific permission to copy and
distribute this shareware version of the Universal Converter
as long as all files remain intact and unchanged. Distributed
disks, zip files, etc. MUST include the following files:



This is shareware. Use without registration beyond 30 days
is illegal. Registered users get a version of this program
with many, many more controls and features!! (And, of course,
the registered version does contain the shareware
registration screen at the end of the program.)

Registration: $29.95
postage: USA - $3; Canada - $5; Overseas - $7

To register phone Software Excitement! at:

or 503-826-8082

or fax: 503-826-8090

Visa & MasterCard accepted

You can also order via CompuServe: Type GO SE

or send check or money order to:

Software Excitement!
6475 Crater Lake Hwy
Central Point OR 97502 USA
(Please specify disk size.)

Address comments, tech questions, site license inquires, etc
to the author:

Jeff Napier
P.O. Box 298
Applegate, OR 97530

ACCURACY: (Disclaimer)

Although I have attempted to create this program with
great accuracy, it is quite possible that there is a mistake
or two. I assume no responsibility for the results of your
use of the Universal Converter.

Many of the numeric calculations are rounded to
approximately 4 positions past the decimal point. Others are
rounded to a total of 12 digits.

Jeff Napier,
Another Company
April 2, 1992

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