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Bert's Whales and Dolphins coloring for kids.
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Bert’s Whales and Dolphins coloring for kids.
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Congratulations, you have a trial shareware copy of BERT'S WHALES AND
DOLPHINS, which now includes voice. BERT'S WHALES AND DOLPHINS is an enjoyable
coloring program for children of all ages, but is especially useful for
introducing young children to the computer. If you decide to keep this program
in your software library you should support the author and register your copy.
You should use the registration form, which is contained in the manual file
BWD32.DOC and also in REGIST32.DOC.

To install BERT'S WHALES AND DOLPHINS on your hard disk (drive C:), insert
the diskette in drive A: and type the following:

1. Type A:
(INSTALL B D will install from the B drive to the D drive)
3. Type BERT to run your Bert's Whales and Dolphins program

BERT'S WHALES AND DOLPHINS requires a VGA display and a mouse to operate.
All of the files on the BERT'S WHALES AND DOLPHINS diskette must be in the
same directory as the BERT.EXE program, otherwise on startup the program will
beep a few times, display the title and then do nothing as it will not be able
to find the image files. To print the manual for BERT'S WHALES AND DOLPHINS
type COPY BWD32.DOC PRN. Sound Blaster owners should refer to the manual for
operational details.

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