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"Amy's First Primer" games for children 4-8 (Ver 2.3).
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“Amy’s First Primer” games for children 4-8 (Ver 2.3).
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Contents of the README file

A M Y ' S F I R S T P R I M E R 2 . 3

Six delightful programs will give your child a head start in
school with the alphabet, numbers, counting, shapes, matching,
problem solving, and pattern recognition.

Requires: An IBM PC, PC/XT, PC/AT, or PS/2 with 256K RAM
IBM Color graphics adapter (CGA, EGA, MCGA or VGA)
(Hercules MGA adapters must have program HGCIBM)
IBM Color display
One diskette drive and DOS 2.0 or above.
An eager 4 to 8 (or 80) year old.

To print the documentation, type: COPY AMY.DOC PRN
To start the program, type: AMY

Select a program using the arrow keys then press the key.
The key lets your child return to the menu at any time.
The key will let you exit from the main menu back to DOS.

Copyright 1991, Computing Specialties Registration price: $15.00 US
523 Albany Avenue NE
Orange City, IA 51041

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