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Katie's Clock (KC) is an excellent tool for helping parents teach their children how to tell the time of day from conventional analogue clocks.
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Katie’s Clock (KC) is an excellent tool for helping parents teach their children how to tell the time of day from conventional analogue clocks.
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Contents of the INFO.DOC file

+++++++++++++++++++++++++ PROGRAM OVERVIEW ++++++++++++ JAN 1992 ++++++

Katie's Clock v2.1s may be distributed as "shareware" by any individual
or organization. This file, INFO.DOC, must be distributed with the
executable code, KC.EXE, as it contains a description of the program,
registration details, and other information useful to end-users. The
file, VENDER.DOC, which contains summary information about KC for
shareware distributers, should also be distributed with the program.

Katie's Clock will run on any IBM compatible system with DOS 3.0, or
higher, and a color monitor. Version 2.1 updates version 1.20 by adding
a CGA mode to the existing EGA and VGA modes, and by making minor
improvements in the program documentation.

Registration are given at the end of this file (page down). KC is
distributed as shareware, which means that you may try it out BEFORE paying
for it. If you intend to use KC you are obligated to register. On the other
hand if you don't intend to continue using it you aren't under any

Registration for individual users costs only $15. For a $25 registration
fee we'll put your child's name on the clock screen (e.g. Sarah's Clock).
You'll get the latest version of KC with either registration fee.

Site registration, for schools, day care centers, etc., is available for
$15 for the first computer, $10 for each additional machine, to a maximum
of $95.

So try KC; if you find it to be useful in the education of your child
please register.


Katie's Clock (KC) is an excellent tool for helping parents teach their
children how to tell the time of day from conventional analogue clocks.
Although a computer literate child can easily learn how to use KC we
recommend that a parent be present, at least in the beginning, to ensure
that the child doesn't get discouraged. Parental feedback is important
in all learning situations.

If you have VGA display KC will be displayed in the VGA mode. Likewise, if
you have EGA or CGA display KC will be diplayed in EGA or CGA modes.

KC can be used in several different ways:

CLOCK: In this mode the actual time will be displayed (if your computers'
internal clock is set properly - refer to your DOS manual). This is the way
in which the clock portion of the program begins. To get back TO this mode
FROM any other mode press the F5 key.

RANDOM: This mode, invoked by the F2 key, causes the clock to display
various times, randomly, by pressing the Space Bar or the Enter key.

INPUT: Invoked by the F3 key, this mode allows you to input a time in order
to tell what it looks like on a clock face. Enter the Hour, a comma, then
the Minutes. Use the backspace key to make corrections.

SEQUENTIAL: Invoked by the F4 key, this mode starts the clock at 12:00 and
allows you to increment the time by 5 minutes each time you press the Space
Bar or Enter key.

DIGITAL DISPLAY: The F1 key toggles (turns on or off) a digital display of
the time and a statement of the time such as {15 minutes after 3}. This
feature is available in any mode.

HARDWARE/SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS: Version 2.1 requires a color VGA, EGA, or
CGA monitor, and DOS 3.0 or greater. A hard disk is not required.

REGISTRATION: By registering (only $15 postpaid) you'll also receive:

1) a floppy disk with the latest registered version of Katie's Clock
(reg. version skips the introduction & starts with the clock screen,
and leaves off registration screen at end of program )
2) updates on new TZK shareware;
3) A bonus shareware program of our choice (a high quality game or
educational program from another shareware author).


kc-2/92 ********** REGISTRATION FORM **********

Yes, I'm registering. Please send the latest registered version of Katie's
Clock and a bonus shareware program to:

NAME:____________________ ADDRESS: ______________________________________

CITY:__________________________ STATE: _____________ ZIP: _______________

If registering at the $25 level:

Name of child_______________________________________

Monitor Type ___CGA ___EGA ___VGA

SHIPPING: TZK software shipped FREE to US addresses; $5 per order for
foreign addresses. Normally, you'll recieve your order within 15 working
days. For rush delivery please add $3.

Method of payment: [ ] Check [ ] Money Order [ ] Cash

Mail To: Peter Ezzell / 5859 W. Pine Circle/ Crystal River FL 32629

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