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Vocabulary building program.
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Vocabulary building program.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

WordMaster 1.01
Written by Mark Johnson

This program is shareware, not public domain. You may distribute
the program to others so long as the following files are included;
WORDS.exe, WORDS.hlp, WORDS.crd.

This program contains both a word testing module to reinforce existing
vocabulary, and a dictionary building module to help encourage you to
learn new words.

The program uses a GUI interface and can be used on an;
IBM PC/XT/AT or 100% compatible with at least 512k memory

Displays supported:
Hercules (the program was developed on a hercules system)
AT&T 6300

unfortunately, this program does not support CGA at this time.
If you ask nicely, and have a good need for this application, I
will try to re-write the program just for you.

If you have any problems you may contact me at:

Mark Johnson
25 Cleveland Ave
Suite B
Woburn, Ma 01801


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