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More libraries for the EEDRAW electronics CAD program.
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More libraries for the EEDRAW electronics CAD program.
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CMOS.LIB 4057 1128 deflated
CPU-SUPP.LIB 11832 2332 deflated
CPU.LIB 13232 2178 deflated
GENERAL2.LIB 3704 891 deflated
GENERAL3.LIB 3798 1152 deflated
GENERAL4.LIB 3458 1007 deflated
LINEAR2.LIB 4721 1276 deflated
LINEAR3.LIB 5090 1598 deflated
RAM2.LIB 4533 1307 deflated
READ.ME 1678 820 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

22 August, 1991

Gershon Elber has provided us with a surprisingly full-featured electronic
schematic CAD program in his EEDRAW. It cannot of course compete with the
high-priced commercial CAD programs of the AUTOCAD caliber, but for a Public
Domain program it is superb.

My solitary complaint with EEDRAW was that it did not come with enough
libraries. The remedy was simple. I wrote additional libraries. These I
would like to share with you, Gentle Hacker. I herewith place these
libraries in the Public Domain, as Gershon himself would no doubt prefer.

No monetary contribution is required for the use of these libraries. Of
course if you INSIST on making a donation, it would be gratefully accepted
[I am a poor, starving programmer, etc., etc.].

The following libraries are provided:

CPU.LIB Some of the more popular CPU and MPU chips.
CPU-SUPP.LIB CPU support chips - interface adapters, timers, etc.
CMOS.LIB A minimum selection of CMOS.
LINEAR2.LIB More linear IC's, including some really weird ones.
LINEAR3.LIB Ditto as above.
GENERAL2.LIB More "meat 'n potato" components - diodes, inductors, etc.
GENERAL3.LIB Ditto as above.
GENERAL4.LIB Ditto as above.
RAM2.LIB More RAM chips. Static & dynamic. Includes a few of the
incredibly useful "Byte-Wide" statics.
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Baltimore, MD 21224-3934

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