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A elementary school mathematics exerciser for child and parent to work t.
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A elementary school mathematics exerciser for child and parent to work t.
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How does a busy parent get his/her fourth grader, or any other child, to
sit down and work out thirty or forty arithmetic problems without resenting
the "punishment"? Can today's career-committed parent afford the time to
write them out on paper and then, again and again, to correct them? But if
the problems aren't checked, how can the parent know whether the child is
progressing? And what better stimulates development than the acknowledgement
of success?

WIZQUIZ offers the solution to this dilemma. WIZQUIZ is a comprehensive,
competitive exerciser for arithmetic. It lets child and parent work together.
While Dad or Mom catch up on Business Week or the Journal, in the next chair
son or daughter improves his or her math: within earshot if frustration occurs.
Father and mother don't have to waste time making up problems or correcting
right answers. The WIZARD takes care of that. And after each 10 problem game
HE calculates the new average, checks the score against the best ever and the
player's own previous best performance, announces the score, and celebrates
the player's progress.

WIZQUIZ provides randomly generated, graded problems that cover a wide
selection of the elementary school mathematics curriculum. Each type of
problem has 10 levels. Each level has a target score. A score is determined
both from the number of errors and the time it takes to solve 10 problems.
WIZQUIZ keeps a record of the last 10 times each player attempts each level
of each type of problem. It knows each player's best score, and can calculate his/her
averages. (BE CAREFUL, however: interruption of a game with CONTROL-C may
damage these files!).

Since WIZQUIZ asks for and remembers a player's age, it can and does
restrict access to easier problems by age.

From age 13 up, WIZQUIZ presents the option of playing with negative
numbers. Any level from 5 up of any type of problem may be played at any
age level when using negative numbers.

WIZQUIZ is user-supported software which is offered to the holder of this
diskette for examination. If you choose to keep using it after a 30 day trial,
you are asked to send $9.00 to the author. For that amount, your rights are
limited to the use of one copy of the software and to the retention of
one more copy as a backup. Please send remittance to:

Robert J. Farrell
207 Farmington Drive
Ft. Mitchell, KY 41017

To play WIZQUIZ key:
A> wizquiz
If you want sound effects, key:
A> wizquiz t.
WIZQUIZ is completely menu driven from that point. Always play WIZQUIZ
with the diskette in the default drive. That is, DO NOT attempt to play
with the diskette in the B drive when the default drive is A thus:
A> b:wizquiz.
WIZQUIZ writes files to the default drive, and you always want it to write
to the diskette containing the program.

WIZQUIZ provides the following types of problems:
1. Addition
2. Subtraction
3. Multiplication
4. Division with no remainder
5. Division with simple remainder - that is, the answer to
17 divided by 3 is 5 r2.
6. Division with with fraction remainder - the WIZARD demands
that the answer be given as a proper fraction reduced to
lowest terms; HE will not count you wrong for improper
or nonreduced fractions, but HE will require you to keep
trying until your answer passes both these edits; meanwhile
time points are accumulating against you.
7. Division with decimal remainder - rounded to two places.
8. Levels 1-5 are for Least Common Denominator; levels 6-10 are
for Greatest Common Factor.
9. Simple Fractions - levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 have the same degree
of difficulty and are for addition, subtraction, multiplication,
and division respectively; level 5 mixes the problem type at the
same level of difficulty; levels 6 through 9 and level 10 up the
level of difficulty a notch.
10. Advanced Fractions - just like 9 above but at still greater levels
of difficulty; these are probably the most demanding problems in
the game.
11. Find the Unknown (Add & Subtract) - levels 1, 3, 5, 7 are for
addition; levels 2, 4, 6, 8 are for subtraction; levels 9 and
10 contain both.
12. Find the unknown (Multiply & Divide) - just like 11 above except
for multiplicatio and division respectively.
13. Decimals and Percents - levels 1 through 4 are for addition,
subtraction, multiplication, and division respectively (answers
always rounded to two places); levels 5 and 9 ask "What is x% of
y?"; levels 6 and 10 ask "What percent is x of y?"; levels 7 and
8 are for mixed computation with decimals.
14. Reciprocals - just as in fractions, answers must be given as
reduced, proper fractions.

The best part of WIZQUIZ is that it allows parents and teachers, and even
students themselves, to keep track of each player's progress. This is done
through WHOZWIZ. It is password protected; but the first time it is run it
asks for the SUPER WIZARD's password. The SUPER WIZARD can look at anybody's
scores. WHOZWIZ is menu driven. You run it by having the WIZQUIZ diskette
in the default drive and keying:
A> whozwiz

Number is the Grammar of Nature. This software is offered to all users in
the sincere hope that those who grow up with it will become more and more
confidently literate in the book of creation.

*** Robert J. Farrell ***

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