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Practice Sight Reading Musical Notes.
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Practice Sight Reading Musical Notes.
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I wrote this program so that my son and daughter could
sharpen their note reading ability. Not a whole lot to it, but
it sure does a good job for sight reading notes. I have included
a time reference, so that the note guessers can gauge their

The program creates a file on the default drive to keep track of
daily progress. Thus, dad can say, 'Did you practice your notes
today?', and the answer will be, 'Let's check your progress file.

This program is not to be used to make money for anyone but
me. And if you want to send me $100.00 dollars, I thank you
in advance. Course if you aren't gonna do that then use the
program and enjoy.

If it doesn't work, let me know and I try to help. You can call
my BBS and leave me a message. It's a 24 hour bbs, 7 days a week
and the number is 419-691-1125.

Oh, one more thing, Please do not expect a guarenteed software
product here. Cause I hold myself harmless of any effects it
might have on you or your system. So I guess the next blurb
should be: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

John Krytus
Sysop of Jet-Lag BBS
1905 Tracy Road #9
Northwood, Ohio 43619
419-691-9700 Voice
419-691-1125 data

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