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Educational Math Strategy Game.
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Educational Math Strategy Game.
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M A T H M A Z E !
version 1.00

(c) Copyright 1989
by Scott Young


SHAREWARE: This program is being distributed under the shareware
concept. In other words, if you find this program to be
enjoyable you are encouraged to send $5.00 to the address
below so that my kids can eat and my wife can finish her
college education. I don't see why you wouldn't like it;
every time you play the game is different and a strategy
that worked yesterday won't work today.

You are encouraged to share a copy with a friend, upload
it to your favorite bulletin board, etc. That's how we
make our money. It's nice to get letters from all over
the United States and Canada. Who knows, you may even
get a free disk one day when my next game is finished!
Thank you!

Scott Young
PO Box 1550
Section #2
Portsmouth, NH 03801

July 7, 1989


Math Maze is a stategy/adventure game where you search a 10x10
grid for eight cash prizes to be stored in any one of three
safes found in the maze. Numbers are picked up along the way
which allow you to enter doors requiring a certain value to be
located in your inventory. There are five levels of play and
each time you run the program the maze is completely different.


The first thing you need to do before starting the game is to
print off a copy of the map (filename=MATHMAZE.MAP) or make a
10x10 grid on a piece of paper. There are 100 rooms to explore
and each on has a combination of open doors, numbered doors and
walls. Recording a layout of the rooms will make it easier for
you to get from one point to another. Without a map you will be
hard pressed to win on any level.

To being the game run the file MATHMAZE.EXE. Please notice the
message about sending me $5.00 if you enjoy the game. My kids
are getting a little tired of bread and water! Anyway, you are
first asked whether you want a new game or a game saved
previously to disk. If you are starting a new game you must
select a level of play from 1=easy to 5=hard. If you are
resuming an old game you will be returned to the point where the
game was saved.

The main game board consists of four information boxes. The
upper right hand box contains a light bar menu and your current
inventory. The upper left hand box displays the difficulty
level, number of moves taken, and the number of cash items
stored in the safes. The lower left hand box displays the
current room's layout and contents. The lower right hand box
displays where you are in the maze and the contents of rooms you
have visited. Dots represent rooms yet to be visited.


At any given time you will be carrying up to six numbers in your
inventory. Through the process of adding, subtracting,
multiplying and dividing these number will be used to enter
numbered doors. Numbers will be added to your inventory
whenever you use the TAKE command in a room which contains a
number or the letter N.

You are allowed to carry one cash item at a time. Whenever you
are carrying cash a $ will be shown.

At the beginning of a game you are given two bombs. They are
used to make a wall or numbered door into an open door. They
are represented by character which looks like an "o" with a
tail or wick.


Each room consists of four sides. A side may contain an open
door, a numbered door or a solid wall. In the center or the
room the contents will be displayed. Below is a table showing
what may be found:

(-) Sorry! This room is empty. You may drop a number here if
you wish.

(4) This room contains the number 4. Take it! Other rooms
will have different numbers from 1 to 9.

(X) This is the maze's home square. This is where you begin
the game.

($) Cash! Take it! (only one at a time, please)

(S) A safe! Drop your cash here.

(N) A number box! By taking it your inventory will be filled
to six numbers.

(?) A mystery box! Taking this will place you somewhere in the
maze you've never been before.


The move from one room to another start with with GO command.
Next you will be asked in which direction would you like to go.

Walking through open doors is no problem. In a moment the new
room will be displayed in the lower left hand box. Walking into
walls will give you a headache, nothing more! You can walk
through a door with a number next to it if that number appears
in your inventory. Once you go through the door that number is
removed from play (consider it as a toll!) How do I make those
numbers? This is explained in the math section.

As you begin to walk around the maze one point will become very
clear. Just because you can go right from one room does not
insure you can immediately return by making a left! That's part
of the game's charm and/or frustration.

Walking "off the edge" of the maze will cause you to return to
the home square. For example, If you are in room (0,0) and you
decide to go up, then you will end up back at the X wherever
that room may be.


Often you will want to enter numbered doors, but that particular
number will not be in your inventory. That is where the MATH
commands work for you. Scan your numbers to decide how you are
to make the number you need. Then by using the ADD, SUBTRACT,
MULTIPLY and DIVIDE commands perform the computations necessary
to arrive at the required number. As the operations occur, the
two numbers used in the formula are replaced by the result in
your inventory.

Example: Assume you need a 38 to pass through a numbered door.
Your inventory contains the following numbers: 1 3 5 7 8. You
may choose to use the following commands:

MATH, MULTIPLY, 5 [Enter], 7[Enter]

Your inventory would now show: 1 3 8 35.

MATH, ADD, 35 [Enter], 3 [Enter]

Producing: 1 8 38

You would now be able to walk through the door.


Two bombs are given to you at the beginning of each game. They
are use to turn a wall or a numbered door into an open door.
Bombs are best saved until they are truly needed.


After using the QUIT command you are able to SAVE the game
position, RESTORE an old position, return BACK to the game or
EXIT altogether. If you choose to EXIT you are given the
opportunity to see the maze layout.


The game is won when a player finds and stores all eight cash
items in any combination of the three safes. You really become
a winner in my book if you send me $5.00 (cheap!) if you like
the program.

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