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Berts Dinosaurs, coloring book for kids.
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Berts Dinosaurs, coloring book for kids.
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Contents of the BDMANUAL.DOC file


BERT'S DINOSAURS is an enjoyable coloring program for children of
all ages, but is especially useful for introducing young children to the
computer. BERT'S DINOSAURS was designed by educators to be used by young
children with a minimum of assistance by adults. As a coloring program
BERT'S DINOSAURS is superior to many other children's coloring programs
in that it allows the user to place the various dinosaurs, all in four
different sizes, on a variety of backgrounds. This allows children to
easily create their own picture before coloring. The opportunity to
create their own picture will allow children to take pride in their
unique creation.

When first started BERT'S DINOSAURS displays a title screen and then
the drawing surface with eight buttons on the left. Children can operate
the program with the mouse alone. A window is provided which allows
children to write a short story about their picture using the keyboard.
The fact that they created the picture will help provide the motivation
to write about it. One of the best ways for children to learn to read is
to write, even if their initial attempts include phonetic spelling which
is not always correct. They will love creating a setting, writing their
own story and printing out a copy.

Operation of BERT'S DINOSAURS is quite easy. The eight buttons are
configured to do the following when the left mouse button is clicked on


A. When beginning a new picture four small backgrounds are
displayed. The user clicks with the mouse on the selected
scene to have it drawn on the screen full size.
B. Next, a group of six sample dinosaurs are displayed. If the
stop sign is clicked on, no dinosaur will be selected and you
are returned to the drawing surface. If the down green arrow
is selected a second group of dinosaurs will be displayed for
possible selection. The up arrow returns to the first group
of dinosaurs. Clicking the mouse on any one of the dinosaurs
will select it.
C. The selected dinosaur appears in four different sizes. After
the dinosaur of the desired size is chosen, a rectangle
outlining its size will appear in the upper left. When the
left mouse button is held down on the rectangle it can be
dragged into its desired position. When the left mouse button
is released, the dinosaur will be drawn and any previously
drawn lines under it will be erased. This allows you to place
one dinosaur in front of the next.


When this button is clicked a group of thirty colors is
displayed. When a color is chosen it fills the crayon in the
button. This color will fill the portion of the picture clicked
on. Clicking outside the color box restores the screen with no


Clicking on this button displays a window where a story can
be typed. Along with the normal alphanumeric characters the
backspace and delete keys will erase characters. In addition the
left and right arrow keys will move the cursor to any position
in the window. The complete window is displayed, which consists
of 8 lines of 38 characters. Pressing the Enter key or filling
the entire 8 lines closes the story window.


This selection will erase the current drawing surface as
well as the story area. The user must verify the erase by
choosing a happy face for erase or sad face to cancel the erase.

5. SAVE.

The drawing surface and story area can be saved by clicking
on this button and then selecting the save box with the arrow
pointing inward. While simple for adults, this function may need
explaining with young children. Care must be taken because
selecting the retrieve box with the arrow pointing outward will
load the stored image and story, erasing the one currently on
the screen. Only one image and story can be stored. Clicking
outside the load/save box restores the screen with no action.


The image and story can be printed on three different types
of printers: Epson or IBM dot matrix printers that support 24
pin graphics and the Hewlett-Packard LaserJet series of
printers. Other printer brands that support these formats will
also be compatible. The user need only click on the type of
printer they have to begin printing.

7. UNDO.

Clicking on this button erases the last dinosaur that was
placed on the drawing surface. Misplaced dinosaurs can be removed
with this command without effecting the image underneath.

8. STOP.

Selecting this button exits the program. After a support
shareware message is displayed, clicking the mouse will return
the user to DOS.

BERT'S DINOSAURS requires a VGA display and a mouse to operate. All
of the files on the BERT'S DINOSAURS diskette must be in the same
directory as the BD.EXE program, otherwise on startup the program will
beep a few times, display the title and then do nothing as it will not
be able to find the image files.


Copies of this program may be freely shared with other users.
Shareware users who find BERT'S DINOSAURS useful should support the
author and register their copy. The form found below should be used for
registration. Registered users will receive a copy of BERT'S DINOSAURS
with current corrections, additional animals and scenes, improved speed
and enhanced features. One enhanced feature allows printed output in
color to Hewlett-Packard's inexpensive PaintJet Color Graphics Printer.

The registration fee is $20. ($30. outside the United States.)
Please include $2.00 for shipping and handling. A complete listing of
the program, which is written in the newest version of Borland C++, is
also available for an additional $20.00.

Checks should be made out to:

Theron Wierenga, P.O. Box 595, Muskegon, MI 49443




Disk size desired: 5 1/4 in._______ 3 1/2 in._______

Registration fee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $20.00 __________
Registration fee (foreign) . . . . . . . . . . 30.00 __________
Borland C++ program code . . . . . . . . . . . 20.00 __________
Shipping . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ___2.00___

Total enclosed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . __________

Method of payment: Check or MO______ MasterCard______ Visa______

Account number____________________________ Expir. date__________

Signature (necessary)___________________________________________

How did you receive your copy of this program?__________________


Suggested improvements__________________________________________




BERT'S DINOSAURS is a software product of

Theron Wierenga
P.O. Box 595
Muskegon, MI 49443

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