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Fraction calculator. Includes C++ source with Fraction Class.
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Fraction calculator. Includes C++ source with Fraction Class.
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Contents of the FRACTION.DOC file


FRACTION is a program allowing direct calculations with fractions, mixed
numbers, decimals, or combinations of these. It is invoked from the command
line in any of the following forms:

fraction AAA-aa/bb CCC-cc/ddd
fraction aaa/bbb ccc/ddd
fraction aaa/bbb CCC-ccc/ddd
fraction AAA-aa/bb ccc/ddd
fraction BBB-ccc/dd

Some examples are:

fraction 23-7/32 + 431-16/45 adds 27-7/32 and 431-16/45
fraction 5-7/64 / 11.354 divides
fraction 27/128 * 1-31/73 multiplies
fraction 12/43 - 15/129 subtracts, etc.
fraction 1.253 + 23.585

The included source code, FRACTION.CPP, compiles in Turbo C++. It is placed
in the Public Domain, and you are free to use it in any legal manner. Please
give me credit if you do so.

3138 Foster Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21224

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