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Spell tester for kids (requires Soundblaster).
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Spell tester for kids (requires Soundblaster).
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Contents of the README.1ST file


Mossman's Spelltester (MST) is intended to allow preschool
children and above the chance to interact with the PC and provide
an educational enjoyable learning experience. The child should
initially be helped throughout by an adult or experienced
computer operator. Later as the child becomes familiar with the
program he/she may play more independently.

You'll need a Soundblaster card and the Soundblaster SBtalker
software to play since the program utilizes the text to speech
capabilities of the Soundblaster card. MST supports a mouse as
long as the appropriate mouse driver is loaded.


The archived file contents you received should contain the

1) MST.exe ************************* the main program

2) INFOR.TXT *********************** text file the program
displays for general info

3) EASYWORD.TXT ********************** bank of "easy" spelling

4) HARDWORD.TXT ********************** bank of "hard" spelling

5) Readme.1st *********************** install instructions
(what you're reading)

6) Readme.2nd *********************** info about the words
used, and how you can
make your own spelling

7) KEYBOARD.TXT ********************** program displays this
as information about
the use of the keys

8) FILELAUN.EXE ********************** launches the sbtalker
driver if you use the
batch file GOMST.BAT

9) GOMST.BAT ********************** batch file to load
the sbtalker driver
(see below for
restrictions on this)

10)UPGRD.TXT ********************** what is new in this


To run MST you first need to install Sbtalker which is provided
with your Soundblaster software. If you've previously used the
install or setup feature of the Soundblaster software then you
should go to the /SB directory and type SBTALK . This
should load the SBTalk program necessary for the text to speech
conversion used by the MST program. To then run MST, go to the
directory that contains MST and type MST .

Alternatively, you may let the "GOMST.BAT" batch file load the
SBTALKER driver and then start the program for you but
these are the requirements: 1) the sbtalk.bat file needs to
be located where your SET SOUND= statement points to or, 2) the
sbtalk.bat file is in the c:\sb subdirectory. Of course you can
always load sbtalker driver manually yourself and then start MST
by typing "MST" instead of "gomst".

Another additional feature added to MST ver 1.5 is the command line
argument. Either with the GOMST command OR with the MST command you
may specify either the "Easy" words or "hard" words to start with
and/or give your name to use for the game. Again you may use one,
both or none of these command line arguments however if you don't use
one or the other you'll still be prompted to enter them at the start
of the game.


1) To start with the easy word text file and your name is Bubba
then you would type gomst /e /Bubba (or /E, also can leave
off the slash with the name i.e. gomst /e Bubba)

2) To start with the hard word text file and you don't want to
give your name type gomst /h (or /H)

3) To start without specifying either bank of words but to give your
name then type gomst /Fred (or gomst Fred)

4) You may use any of the above with the MST command as long as
you have already loaded the SBTALKER driver yourself (i.e.
MST /e Mary)

Tip: You must leave a space between the different arguments, the order
they are typed is not important ....

The program works like this:
the user enters his/her name (if it wasn't specified at the command
line) and then selects either the easy or hard words(again if this wasn't
set at the command line), then should select start from the pull down menu
options, during the spell test one may stop at a PRESS ANY KEY
PROMPT by selecting F5, you can listen to the word again by
selecting F6, or have the word spelled for you after a mistake by
hitting F10.

Tip: Some words just aren't spoken real well with the capabilities
as they are of the S-Blaster and the SBTalker driver. You may be able
to improve the speech by slowing the speech down somewhat
and increasing the volume. To do this first have the word spoken and
see if you understand it. If you do, press a key to input the answer
but if it is not understandable then press either to go to the
speed adjustment or the to go to the volume adjustment. When
you return the word will be spoken again.

Once one bank of words (easy or hard) is used up you may restart
or change to the other bank of words. The user is encouraged to
make new banks of words (see README.2nd).

MST may be copied, uploaded or distributed as long as it is not
included in any commercial software/hardware packages without the
consent of the author. This program was developed and tested by
Dr. Brad Moss,M.D.,A.B.U. for my children's enjoyment. It worked
for me and I make no guarantees how it will work for you.

If you do find this to be worthwhile software let me know, I have
plans to improve and update the program already. If you like I
will send the upgrade to anyone who "registers" with a modest
$5.00 donation (to cover handling and disks). I am also
interested in any comments you may have regarding the
program,i.e. bugs, incompatibilities, ideas for improvements. I
can be reached via E-MAIL on GEnie at B.Moss2

Send donations to:

Brad Moss,M.D.,A.B.U.
503 Sierra St.
Sumter,SC 29154

Voice Phone (803) 481 4929


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